The New Movie Aquaman

I saw the latest superhero movie Aquaman today, and I enjoyed it.

The film had great visuals, even though I saw it in 2D. It also had great fight scenes and humor.

Jason Momoa was great as Aquaman and looking forward to see the sequel.

It was a lot better than I was expected. James Wan did a fantastic job directing the film.

I definitely recommend everyone to see it.

I give it a grade of an A-.


I saw it last week at some amazon prime preview showing.

I enjoyed it very much. It didn’t take itself particularly seriously - which is a problem that DC movies have had so far - and there were some genuine surprises when it came to performances. I thought Nicole Kidman did a spectacular job with a fairly small role.

I saw it this afternoon in IMAX, and thought it was really good. The visuals were really good on IMAX. I’m recovering from eye surgery currently, hence the reason for seeing it in IMAX so I didn’t have to worry too much about trying to focus. Look forward to the sequel.

Saw it and have mixed feelings about it.

Visually it was stunning and the directing of the action sequences was great. It definitely deserves some awards for both.

Orm / Ocean Master was a really great villain because you totally understood his point of view and he wasn’t necessarily wrong.

The acting though. . . . . .

Jason Momoa is a force of nature on screen but he’s really only good at being Jason Momoa acting like a bad ass. Ask him to do anything beyond drunken hey bro badass and he is stiff.

But thats nothing compared to Amber Heard. She is utterly gorgeous but she’s equally wooden as an actor. I cringed at so many of her lines.

And whether intentional or not the whole crab army bit near the end had me chanting South Park in my head which took me out of the scene completely. Crab people, crab people. Tastes like crab, talks like people.

And the other thing that took me out of it constantly were the tattoos because how the hell did he get them? He’s basically invulnerable and we saw him shrug off bullets, bombs, and other things early in the movie. Not until Black Manta had Atlantis weaspons was he vulnerable. So where did he find a tattoo artist on the surface, he’d never been to Atlantis, with a needle capable doing them? Jason Momoa has tats but nothing like what we saw here so there was no reason for them other than stylistic choice. I know its a comic book movie but I like little details like this to make sense - one of my favorite scenes in the otherwise boring Brandon Routh Superman movie was when doctors tried to help him at the end when he was dying but couldn’t even get a needle into him.