The NBC Doubld Standard

Megyn Kelly blackface - baaaaad

Jimmy Fallon blackfave - No harm, no foul.

Will NBC be canning Fallon?

(Rhetorical question because we all know the answer.

Also, should Fallon be pilloried for "white privilege or cutural appropriation?


There ya go.

Question: Should comedians be fired from their current job for wearing blackface during a sketch in a past job.

Let’s start there before we jump to trying to compare it to megyn kelly for reasons. Jimmy Kimmel also wore black face in a comedy sketch long ago and that was brought back up recently to attack him over a non related political criticism i think.

Do white comedians get a pass on wearing blackface while everyone else is called a racist?

Can white comedians indiscriminately use the n-word over and over in the acts with no repercussions?

Nah different rules for which party you are in. You can black it up and be the PM of Canada or the governor of Virginia, as long as there is a ‘D’ placed on your party line.

Didn’t follow the Kelly thing but from what I remember she didn’t wear blackface just questioned the outrage. Funny thing was Joy Behar was ragging on Kelly for what she said then turned out there was a picture floating around of Behar with Blackface that surfaced, again she is a Democrat, no harm. It’s obvious double standards everyone knows it. Blackface as long as your democrat. Really grab them by the ****** like Reade, not just locker room talk, it’s all fair game as long as your on the left. Or as Biden says “You ain’t black if you don’t vote for me”. They know they don’t have to worry about losing the black vote why in the world would they care.

It’s all locker room talk and…dozens of women accusing Trump of everything from harassment to rape. But with Reade, Biden really did it. Getting pretty far away from Fallon apologizing for wearing blackface twenty years ago in a snl sketch.

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What does Chris Rock have to say about it?

What political party does J Trudeau lead? I am absolutely certain he is not a member of the Democratic Party of the USA.

I will continue to not watch Fallon’s show in protest.

The feigned offense of someone wearing skin-darkening makeup is wearing thin.

It’s one thing when blackface was used to denigrate blacks (such as in the old minstrel shows.)

But how else should a guy like Fallon portray Chris Rock except with makeup that makes him look like Chris Rock?

Agreed this is a non story.

Robert Downey also wore black face in a movie. No one batted an eye (he was also very funny).

He is is in the liberal Party it’s a left wing party hence he can black it up no repercussions.

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A globalist one.

There’s no globalist party of the USA.

Ignorance. Which party praises activists who chant, “No borders, no walls, no USA at all!” ?

Which party provides uncritical blanket support fo the WHO and the UN?

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There’s STILL no globalist party of the USA.

Nothing to see here! Move along!

Yep, nothing to see.