The Myths About Republicans/Conservatives!

Republicans and Conservatives get a bad rap now a days from the Democrat Mainstream Media(ABC, CBS, NBC, Facebook, Google), and Democrat Politicians.

Here are just some of the things that the Liberal Media, and Democrat Politicians try and make the public to believe about Republicans/Conservatives……

  1. We are all Racist

  2. We are all Sexists

  3. We are all Homophobic

Please feel free to add more.

The Liberal Media, and Liberal Socialist Politicians, specifically go after the younger generation as well, and they project these things into millennials brains at most Colleges especially. It is a great way strategically to “catch em while they’re young”, and brainwash children from a young age to believe that Republican bad! Socialism good!


Well said. Well said indeed. :+1:


Myth #1: Republicans are conservatives…


Trump supporters are not conservative.


Thanks. I figured, it needed to be said. I think that the more the public is educated about the truth on things the better.

There are flaws on both sides of the spectrum, but the truth would Destroy the Democrat Party a lot faster than the Republican one.

Actually a lot of us are.




Google this if you want to read something alarming.My apologies for being off topic.

# California Assembly seeks LGBT affirmation from pastors, churches

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Some are, and some aren’t. Some are part of the Republican swamp.

notice the / in the title, as well as separating them into two within the thread?

Literally none of this is true. People who think all republicans are any of those things needs their head checked.

But if I wanted to guarantee that I would find at least 1 homophobic, racist or sexist person out of ten. I’d want a room full of Republicans.


There’s no where near enough separation between those two words in your title to reflect reality. But then, that’s understandable since the titles aren’t allowed to be literal miles long. :wink:

Abe Lincoln freed the slaves, and he was the 16th President of the United States.

Also, several Democrats have been known to be part of the KKK in the past.

Trump’s American Flag looks good on him.

To bad the Democrat Media prefer the Mexican Flag over the American one.

Enjoy the history of your party. I remember when the Knicks were good. Times change.

How many years ago was that? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Are you insinuating I’m Mexican? 'cause I’m not.

Wow, you’re old. :wink:


With all of the Political Correctness in today’s society, there is no chance that hardley any Republican or Conservative Politicians could be any of those things and get away with it, without getting FIRED!

But since the Democrat Politicians Pander to these groups, they are allowed to be those things, and can get away with it, because their self funded activist groups(George Soros), will simply look the other way.

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No, we whine, but at least we can admit to it, and aren’t well-known to be the Party to do so on a regular basis. lmao!!:smirk::smile::laughing::laughing::laughing: