The lovable Michael Cohen

Lost in the mix here seems to be any current discussion of Michael Cohen.

Recent notable events:

His business partner just flipped. Pleaded guilty on a minor charge resulting in a small fine and five years probation, while a life time of charges hung over his head. Wonder what he has to give the prosecution?

From today:
Cohen has been accused of running a $400,000 pay for play scheme to set up a meeting between the Ukrainian president and Trump. After the meeting, Ukraine stopped working with Mueller’s investigators.

Anyone still around here who think’s Michael Cohen is a good guy?

please connect the dots between taxi king and putin.



yeah… thought so.

Why do you exclusively defend bad people?



Cohen’s time is coming. I think he’s going to turn out to be Sammy the Bull.

He is a Russian immigrant. When we left the country Mr Putin shook our hand. He was standing by the airplane

please explain this. who is “we”?

We Russian emigres.

Do I need to turn myself in now for communicating with you?