The lockdown died today

these two separate statements are both true

Sucks for the 1000 I guess. LoLz

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If they are not posters on this site, then it is very little likelihood they would see any of my posts on this site. Therefore, there is zero chance that that would be my motivation for posting on this site.

Trump doesn’t care. He played golf, which is all that mattered to him.


I thank you very much and lets hope this never happens again in this country.

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Identify who died and if it was potentially preventable and if you’re honest about it, your finger will not be pointing at Trump. Can you do it?

Common courtesy extends all the way to standing idly by while everything you worked a lifetime to build is destroyed?


Those who are the most vulnerable are already locked down tighter then a drum and people are not traipsing through nursing homes and violating senior citizen social distancing out in public so your “common curtesy” argument doesn’t hold water! It’s as obviously political as the masks being worn all over the place.


If your to the Right of Trump:

1-how long do you expect the country to hold together with mandatory lockdowns?
2-how much more debt do you expect the country to take on with this? Another 3 Trillion quickly, then another, then another, then anouther because we won’t let people get back to work?
3-what is your metric to get the country back to normal. I’m now reading there are multiple strains (anwhere from 12 to 30) of COVID-19. Is a vaccine becomeing less and less likely if that’s the case?


So, if we open back up and the hospitals are not overwhelmed, isn’t that pretty much proof positive we never should have shut down to begin with?


New projections by the CDC is .03% total deaths which is a far cry from the original projection of 3%.

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Not if whatever numbers come out of this can be used to beat Trump over the head.

Some will see that as a positive


Yeah you keep saying you are on the right. Siding consistently with the left gives quite the opposite appearance.

As for partisan…how Ironic. :roll_eyes:

p.s. Do you think causing folks to lose their businesses that they have worked their lifetimes to build is a good thing?

Do you realize sooner or later folks will starve?

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Who here thinks 100,000 deaths is gonna help … or hurt Trump in November? Please be honest.

people can play golf AND care about things

msnbc wont tell you that I know

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Appears more retirees suffer from worst effects of COVID 19 in Chinese study than working people.

While small businesses and their owners have been more penalized by shutdowns in the U S, in China, relatively few working for themselves tested positive or suffered more than moderately.

Not according to a Trump and the entire GOP between 2009-2016


sucks for anyone stricken to death with a disease

There it is.

Get them pom poms out.

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