The lockdown died today

There it is kids.

People are done with this.

From Los Angeles, to NJ beaches, to Florida beaches, to the SC MAGA armada, to the Orzarks.

I called it on Mar 12, now I am calling it off. Thank me very much.

For better or worse, Americans are done with this…


And to place the post in context: the current COVID-19 death total in the USA is 98,223 that speaks to a need for continuing caution.

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Over 90% elderly and largely in nursing homes.

It hasn’t been harming the young and healthy.

They own the rules.


It appears areas whose governors are far more “lockdown” happy have far mor COVID 19 cases and deaths.

Many who test positive are totally asymptomatic, & most of those who get sick manage to recover at home. Most hospitalized suffered from one or more severe health problems, with obesity scoring high as a risk factor:

Since moving to Massachusetts, I’ve met my share of individuals, particularly near Boston, who have a welfare state sense of entitlement. However, even folks here are fed up with lockdowns:

If individuals want to stay home, great! It’s time to stop government forcing it on everyone.


The outdoors is more detrimental to the virus than indoors and bam…it’s that simple.

This reminds me of a song. Here comes the sun…do,do, do, doo…here comes the sun…and I say…it’s alright. :sunglasses:


Young people have died of COVID-19.

and car wrecks, and alcohol poisoning, and lots of other things. The young are absolutely at the lowest risk of dying from this bug.


Think through that very carefully. What do you think Trump’s largest demographic is? Hint: it’s not young people.

I’ll add that when I was in the Republican party, it was pro - life. Apparently, that has now changed.

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Exactly. Get out of your COVID-19 dwellings, where the virus lives and now…you go outside and live your life.


Not at all. If we stay down as long as the leftists on your side want us down millions will starve.

Still the pro life party all the way around. :+1:


See - this is the irony. I’m well to the right of Trump, and I’m pointing out the mistakes the right is making. The argument of this being left vs. right just doesn’t cut it. It’s a matter of common courtesy towards those who are vulnerable.

But, I really wouldn’t expect those who see the world strictly through partisan eyes to understand that.


Yes, and that’s a good thing. :+1:

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You are right in that the elderly should have been protected from this virus entering their dwelling places but many of those in government failed…miserably…and IMO…should be held accountable. That’s mutually exclusive of generating the revenues necessary to financially support what you claim to care for. On that note though, I have no business entering a facility where they live. I support your goal but not the methodology in achieving it.

On average, around 1000 people will also die of COVID-19 today.


psst - NY, NJ - i think he’s talking to you

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under 40, 99.75% survival rate

thank you


Well I guess that’s that then…Everything can open up, an anonymous poster on a message board said its over.


Are they posters on this site?

they dont have to be for you to get the point