The Lincoln Project the Future of the GOP?

These are the kind of Republicans who’s best talent is losing and giving great concession speeches…


Maybe it’s time to revert back to what the GOP was. Just a thought. Try and attract the middle of the road independent voter, disappointed Dem voters and centrist republicans that feel they weren’t served by trump or by the dem party. I meZn how many of the voters that voted for trump this cycle did it because of trump or because he had an R next to his name?

No, going forward Republicans have to bring labor to the table, time to ditch the corporate fat cats.

The Lincoln project has nothing to offer but anti-Trump and making Democrats smile. They have no future. The question is whether the Republican party goes with McConnell and his supporters or Trump and whatever supporters he retains…IMO…right now.


Everyone you named had more in common with the left than conservatives Not far leftist like most of the democrats today but they certainly were not conservatives. They were rino’s. Always were. They all had more in common with the left than the right.


I don’t know but they are clearly for Joe Biden, they mock & attack Trump and laud Biden. By supporting Biden, they support those policies.

Rick Wilson has provided media content for dozens of Conservative candidates prior to Trump.

He was against Trump and voted for Joe Biden and is behind ads that supported BLM riots.
He signs on to the Biden-Sanders Manifesto

This is now what he supports. Ariana Huffington used to be a right winger on Crossfire, is she still a conservative now?

Steve Schmidt ran John McCain’s Presidential campaign along with GW Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Unsuccessfully and he now supports Joe Biden. See the Biden-Sanders manifesto, he now supports Biden, and thus supports that manifesto, That is not conservative.

John Weaver worked on Kasich’s and McCain’s campaigns.

Kasich jumped ship as well. By supporting Biden he supports the manifesto… Supporting a person who wants to legalize 11-23 million illegal immigrants to become Democratic voters is not ‘conservative.’ Biden supports abortion on demand and public funding of abortion on demand. Wants to bankrupt the Little Sisters of the Poor. You support Biden, you support his policies. That is not conservative,

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I know I do.

Jan 6th The President reminded us all, for almost 2 hours, that he did win by a landslide last Nov.

Today he says…

This week, we inaugurate a new administration and pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous. We extend our best wishes, and we also want them to have luck — a very important word.

Socialist Biden can’t have a new administration without winning the election. How can our President betray President Trump from 2 weeks ago?

The people rose up for President Trump on Jan 6th. Some people died for him and some people killed for him. How can he just quit on us?

Or is there Q-code in the so called “Farewell Address?” Maybe the Storm is still upon us. The Kraken not yet released.

I’ll follow the plan until noon tomorrow but then I fear America will no longer be Great.

These days that is correct, they do have more in common with Dems than the GOP. But they haven’t changed nor has the Dems. It is the GOP.

I’m going to go with a hard NO after cofounder John Weaver decided to make passes at young men within the organization through DM.

Congratulations to those who got behind this effort to thwart Trump’s reelection campaign.


Another one? Man!

They have always been dems. Had to force myself to vote for each and everyone of them because dem light was better than a leftist.
The only rino I voted third party against was old man bush.
Perrot was more of what a conservative stands for than anyone nominated since reagan.
The problem is too many people believe that these old rino;s are conservatives because the media tells them that. Plus the left likes it that they can get these old rino’s to go along with what ever they want.