The Lincoln Project the Future of the GOP?

So I have been thinking. Do we think that, with all the money the raised to defeat Donald Trump and the fringe elements of the trump “Republican” party, that they, with all the old school republicans they have recruited could attract old school, traditional Republican voters? Out of the people that voted for Trump how many are core republicans or just people that got on the atrophy train?

The high borns have certainly not enjoyed surrendering their party to the rubes. I think many already see it as irredeemable.

I’m seeing the same thing but in reverse. Many believe they were abandoned by the Rs and “we” may very well see a whole new party in the near future?


lib fantasies are getting wilder and wilder.

Too funny.


They are exposing themselves as liberals no longer showing in sheep’s clothing. Lincoln Project people support open borders, rioting, supporting funding of abortion, legalizng of drugs, funding & letting violent criminals out via Harris, taking away religious liberty, they are Democrats, Get them out.


I mean …

Fantasies? Fascinating.

These guys seem like neocons being driving back to their original groups to me.

Conway is a Boston yankee who went to Harvard. What was he doing in the Republican party in the first place? And he’s disgruntled, Trump passed him over.

Katyal - Chicago, Dartmouth, Yale. Worked for Obama.

They’re slick and it looks like they have money. What they ain’t is republicans. Sure not conservatives.


There’s no future for them politically. Many are now decrying Biden’s policies, despite doing everything they possibly could to get him elected. That class of Republican prefers being out of power, because it’s easier to complain than to actually have to govern.


Is that the stated policy platform? I missed that

I suggest we all stop being republicans and join the democratic party. And fight the liberals for control of it.

Rick Wilson has provided media content for dozens of Conservative candidates prior to Trump.

Steve Schmidt ran John McCain’s Presidential campaign along with GW Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

John Weaver worked on Kasich’s and McCain’s campaigns.

Reed Galen worked for GW Bush and helped run McCain and Schwarzenegger campaigns.

Jennifer Horn is a former Chair of the GOP in NH and ran for congress there.

These are not Democrats.


As opposed to “Trump wins by a landslide, you heard it here first” fantasies?

Too funny.

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I believe that the goal of the Lincoln Project now is to rid the country of Trumpism.
There are bound to be areas of the country where the Republican candidates will need to embrace the Trump philosophy to have a shot at being elected or re-elected. And those folks will be their target.
A lot depends on how much influence Trump maintains on the Republican party. And the speculation meter is pegging on both ends.


What is the “Trump philosophy”?

I don’t know if that is a Lincoln Project goal, but there is definitely a goal to do just that.


They were all neocons. All neocons are republicans.

Which is not what you said earlier. Glad we are in accord.

Yes it is.

Lincoln project the future? Only if the GOPers wish to lose every national election from here on out.