THE LEFT’S NEW LOW: Hannity Slams the Media’s Total Failure to Report Liberal Calls for Violence

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Just minutes after the identity of the suspect behind this week’s vicious and hateful attacks on our democracy was released, the mainstream media wasted no time in finding the true culprit behind the despicable acts: Conservatives, Republicans, and President Trump.

CNN’s John Avlon went so far as to blame the “suspicious package” sent to actor Robert De Niro on one particular Fox News host.

"We don’t know who it is. We don’t know the motive, but what’s fascinating is you see a direct pattern between the President’s attacks on Twitter and stage being echoed and amplified by Fox News and other folks who contribute,” said Avlon.

“Why Robert De Niro? Well, one of the things that I found was that on October 15, Sean Hannity was doing a whole segment blasting De Niro for things he said on the Alec Baldwin show of all things,” he added.

Avlon conveniently forgets to mention the disgusting and hateful rhetoric spewed by De Niro in recent months; screaming “F**K Trump” at the Tony Awards.

“I mean, he’s so blatantly stupid,” Mr. De Niro said. “He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con, a bullsh**t artist, a mutt.”


The Destroy-Trump media has completely ignored the Left’s vile calls for violence since the President’s inauguration; from Madonna fantasizing about blowing up the White House to leading Democrats’ begging their supporters to “confront” Trump aides at “restaurants” and “gasoline stations.”

I will not stop pointing out the calls for violence against President Trump as I have from day one.

I have said over and over again that we must protect all Americans and every American President; including President Obama with whom I have deep and profound political differences.


What CNN and Avlon are engaging in a desperate attempt to exploit and politicize the actions of an unhinged lunatic and conflate it with the fair and warranted criticism CNN deserves.

When Steve Scalise was shot on a baseball field by a fierce supporter of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, here’s what I said:


It would be wrong, illogical, and unfair to blame Bernie for the actions of a sick and deranged supporter.

From the Kavanaugh hearings -where people like Senator Graham were spit on- and afterwards, we have been witnessing Mini Mobs confronting fellow citizens and having them chased out of restaurants… Pam Bondi, Saraha Sanders, Secretary Nielsen, Ted Cruz and his wife, Senator MCConnell and his wife.

Boulders have been thrown through the window of Rep. Kevin McCarthy. The GOP headquarters in NYC has been vandalized.

The silence from the media and Democratic Party is deafening. CNN flat-out refuses to condemn these mobs.

I have been saying for months that the violent rhetoric and calls for public confrontations from leading Democrats -including Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton- will lead to a devastating conclusion.

We take out our political differences at the ballot box in this country.

My heart goes out to those who have had to deal with these threats. I have been through more than I am willing to make public, including white powder mailed to me. I had an assistant scared to death for hours on end in isolation as a result of one incident. And I have had numerous other real threats in my career, myself and my family.

Lunatics have no political boundaries; The Unabomber, the shooter of Steve Scalise and others.

To suggest honest vigorous debate and criticism is the motivating force behind one fringe and violent individual is intellectually lazy and, frankly, a cheap attempt to capitalize off of a serious incident.

Saying ‘CNN is fake News’ or ‘CNN sucks’ is a far cry from advocating for violence.

I deplore all violence of any kind. Legitimate and fair criticism of media bias and merely calling-out CNN’s obvious political agenda as a network that spends virtually every hour of every day demonizing a President they clearly hate is not only warranted, but a healthy exercise of freedom of speech.

Boo Freakin Hoo to all you Right Wing hypocrite Snowflakes with twisted knickers that your side is being called out on this.

I have watched for a long time now EVERY DEMOCRAT OR LIBERAL, INCLUDING ME get blamed for every violent act perpetrated by some left winger no matter how much they acted alone.

Suck it up buttercups!

Life ain’t always fair.

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