The left ignores it's own lunacy

It begins in California of course. Here is a state that is so crowded that they have been telling people to reduce how often they shower so that they don’t run out of water. They are telling people to cut back on their A.C. usage so that the power grid does not overload. And at the same time, these lunatics are telling the third world that they are welcome to flood California with new illegals. Totally unchecked and in unlimited numbers. California has made it clear that adding millions of the world.s poor to their state is just what they need. They may not have enough power or water as it is, but the message is clear. Cross our borders and flood our state with an unlimited number of illegals. 100’s of thousands or even more.INSANE. You know who will not be reducing their showers, carbon output or A.C. usage? Governor Jerry, miss Nancy and the rest of that ilk. Gawd what a mess they are creating.


Great post and great points! :+1:

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I don’t think illegals really move the needle on those problems. There’s already 40 million people there. The economic benefit of migrant workers does contribute to future upgrades that will fix those problems.

I think I hear the Twilight Zone music playing after that post.

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They don’t have many problems that can’t be solved with money–which continues to accumulate at rates that move California up the ranks of the world’s top economies.

Sorry not buying it. The California problems are growing ever worse with the influx of illegals.

Problems such as housing etc.

Housing, with actual homes, is a problem because Americans want to live there so badly. Illegals cram 6 to a room in the corner of low income complexes.

Yeah i don’t get people wanting to live there. Weather is their ONLY plus.

I will say that illegals craming 6 into low income complexes is still harming the ability of citizens to find housing.

Less housing available and higher prices to get it. Hard on low income Americans.

Yeah, it hurts low income Americans. But not enough to move the needle and cancel out the benefit of migrant work. Those Americans can be salty at illegals for taking their spot but that’s as pointless as getting mad at larger homes that take up unnecessary space and water with swimming pools. It’s unreasonable to begrudge Illegals for brushing their teeth in dirty apartments when Hollywood exists in the same state.

Getting closer folks.

I disagree 1000 percent. It does move the needle and citizens should come first.

Deport all the illegals as fast as possible is the solution.

The footsoldiers are just following orders. But the lib leaders? They know exactly what they are doing.

"The worse, the better"

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What happens when there are 50 million?

What happens when they vote him off the island?

You want to talk about lunacy?

On the NRA board.

It’s become de rigueur that we must have at least one of these threads at least once a month.

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Once a month? Look who’s talking. Consider yourself lucky. It’s become de rigueur that we have at least 100 I hate Trump threads every month. Yes people, we get it. You don’t have to say it 1000 times. Jeez man.

Totally unchecked and in unlimited numbers? The states do not control the borders or those who overstay their visas.

And the illegals are not the singular reason the state’s infrastructure is stressed.