The Latest on Alec Baldwin

Methinks his career is toast. Didn’t Baldwin understand the First Amendment doesn’t cover lying about a person in speech or writing?

Wearing a MAGA hat in DC doesn’t constitute being an insurrectionist or rioter. The bereaved hasn’t been charged with anything, yet has had her reputation destroyed.

Maybe he can start a gofundme for his legal bills and lawsuit payouts.

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Eh. Baldwin is an idiot.


I’m trying to come up with something 100% snark and nasty, that doesn’t sound like I’m a know it all jackass with no empathy, from an snl skit…

My mama always said, “if you can’t say something nice, dont’t say anything at all…”

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So he does something generous and patriotic but it’s easily “trumped” by his TDS? It must be his remorse surfacing? :roll_eyes:

She’s just looking for a payday…

too damaged to defend now i see

he’s been “Cuomo’ed”

I’d be shocked if she got 1M if she won. I don’t know how they came to 25M. Is she famous in any way? Did she lose something big?

Punitive damages.

Best way to harm him is through his wallet, and he’s worth like $60 million.

That’s my point, what punitive damages? Let’s say I sue you for defamation. Let’s also say it’s true and I won the case. You lied, and it was proven that you knew you were lying. I’m not an actor. I don’t own a business. I’m the average person. I’m not suffering any losses. I’d have a hard time getting a 100 bucks from you. Who is this girl, and what does she do that he is costing her a possible 25M? You can’t defame an average person. At least in most cases.

You’ve got a point.

Some average Joe type sues, I wonder what for? Attorneys, if someone wins, get what? 60% of the judgement?

Guy I know has a grown daughter whose a nurse (a laundry list of reasons I’ve lost respect for the medical profession in the U S).

They contacted an attorney about something that took place with her mother’s care, error perhaps. The lady had an organ failure and probably a few months left.

What’s the point of a suit here? The poor lady hadn’t worked in awhile and had a major organ shutdown.

Back to Baldwin, the point is he retaliated against someone he made a donation to in good faith because she doesn’t share his ideas about her and lied about her on social media, getting some pretty hateful correspondence sent her way, placing her somewhere she wasn’t.

What should the penalty be? I think between Rust and this mess he’s lost all credibility and his career is toast.

I don’t know about millions of dollars, but should he be able to walk away from lying about someone in print?

Punitive damages are designed to punish him, not make you whole.

Defamation itself might get you $200,000 which is chump change to a guy who is worth $60 million, so they tack on punitive damages to make it really hurt him.

Punative damages are only available when a plaintiff can show actual malice - which this individual decidedly cannot show.

This is not how this works.

I thought defamation rewards were the result of what you lost for being defamed. Is there more to it than that?

That’s compensatory damages, which are available in pretty much all defamation suits.

Punative damages are a separate category of damages, and are available only in incredibly rare circumstances.

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Well then, I guess she’s asking for a lot of punitive damages.

$15 million, to be exact.

The other $10 million is supposedly “compensatory” damages.

This is about trying to get him to settle - she has no actual case.

Ok, that makes sense.