The Katmai bear cams return tomorrow (6/21/22) for the season

Besides the default camera view, there a number of other cameras, including some down near the pedestrian bridge and the famous underwater salmon cam. And starting in 2021, the cameras are night vision equipped.

Counting down, about 13 hours and 20 minutes to go until noon EDT.

I understand quite a few bears have been seen already by those on the ground up there.

747 is back, but his ear is mangled by an evident fight.

128 Grazer is back with her two second year cubs which apparently she emancipated soon after reaching the falls. Typical for cubs to be emancipated in their third summer.

32 Chunk and a number of other regulars have also been seen.

The first few days of bear cam will likely be slow, the salmon won’t start running in earnest for at least another week.


This looks like a good show.

About 5 minutes now. :smile:

Live and…

No bears at the falls.



Cool, I do see a bear now

Actually have that page bookmarked and every time I look i just see highlights… didn’t realize they waited till summer solstice to start live.

Salmon are in full run right now.

Not sure where the bears are, but they are missing some pretty healthy looking salmon. Lot of them are clearing the falls.

Come on bears, wakey wakey, dinner time. :smile:

Otis has returned. Showing his age, but he made it through another winter.

But people will get to observe a few more months of Otis’s unique “Zen” fishing style. :smile: