The industrial revolution.. Why it took place

Really interesting video on the beginning of the industrial a revolution. One of the most interesting parts is contrasting why the industrial revolution took place in Britain and then America, but not France. The monarchy in France sought to have innovations approved by state scientists and thus slowed progress dramatically. Everything you need to know about massive state regulation s vs freedom.

DO you know why the industrial revolution took place in the north and not the south? :slightly_smiling_face:
Since you want to talk about freedom…or lack thereof. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Did they talk about the living conditions of factory workers?

Everything you need to know about unbridled Capitalism.

In fairness France was a complete mess in the early 19th century.

10 years of constant revolution, 10 more years of Napoleonic Warfare, and after that a restored monarchy that was as weak as it was far and stupid. Then two more revolutions, constant rioting, socialist agitation, the capital declared as commune, brutal defeat by the Germans.

The French Republic wasn’t truly stable until the 1890s. Even after the declaration of the third republic in 1871 there were constant attempts to overthrow the social order and install either a dictatorship of the proletariat or to reinstall an absolutist monarch.

Industrialization succeeds in politically stable states. It’s much more difficult when your entire state apparatus is getting turned upside down every five to 10 years.

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Eli Whitney, cotton gin, uprisings. Fun times

Yes, those Yankees were against slavery. You can tell by our civil war. And all the white northern men who died freeing the slaves.

For most workers, I doubt those conditions were as bad as you think. Especially compared to living on the streets back then. And Even now you can find sweat shops in L.A.

And unbridled socailsim killed nearly 100 million people and is still killing in Venezuela

Freedom leads to prosperity…

Just like capitalism is killing world wide.

Yes, I almost died at McDonalds the other day…

The Industry Revolution caused the loss of nearly all home based and small town based industries. A home worker could not out compete a factory.

People that used to made a decent living lost their livelihoods and had little choice but to go to the cities where the factories were located.

The factories didn’t provide jobs for people that would otherwise have been homeless. The factories destroyed the lives of people that had homes and trades.

Capitalism ran amok and workers suffered.

it’s amazing that the industrial revolution which ended starvation in many countries, heated your home, gave you a phone, and refrigerator and toilet and virtually the entire modern world is looked upon as a bad thing by many people.

That’s how well leftist propaganda has worked. Yet, many of these same people think nothing of leftist dictators killing millions of people in unbridled socialism.

Well, I can’t speak for all liberals but I love the industrial revolution. Sure there were downsides associated with it but I’d imagine most liberals are pro-industrial revolution.

The Industry Revolution did much to advance Western culture but it was with a cost and to not acknowledge that is intellectually dishonest.

Capitalism is the best system devised by man but only if tempered with a touch of Socialism.

Exactly, it’s the greatest increase in the standard of living for all people in history.

Agreed. I think some people will talk about some of the negatives, but that doesn’t mean they wished it had never happened, right?