The Impeachment Socialist Democratic Party

They Should just change their name! Every time one thing gets proved it is a hoax, a whine, or an insane made up charge, they start another.

Any group that uses the law like they do is very, very dangerous. They get enough power they will eventually imprison & kill their opposition.

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There is a definite pattern.

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I just belong to the Democratic Party, so I am good. No agenda in my Party for killing our opposition, except figuratively speaking, of course.

I agree, any group that misuses the law the way the Republican Party has, over the last three decades, trying again and again, unsuccessfully, to perp walk either one or both of the Clintons is a very dangerous party.

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What le has been used? What proceedings have begun?

Pressuring countries to go after your political opponents is cool.

But I’d hate to see anyone abuse their power!

So much hoax, I’m overhoaxed.


Y’all literally impeached someone for having consensual sex. Yet asking foreign governments to investigate political rivals is “just something presidents do.”


Rudy Giuliani ~ “Truth isn’t Truth”.

Keep your stinking WaPo and its FAKE NEWS out of here!

But! But! But! There was the Blue Dress and, and Benghazi!!!

Well that escalated.


Clinton wasn’t impeached for his sexual activity, he was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice, once again it’s false accusations! :roll_eyes: :angry:

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I don’t know about any killings planned. But on Wednesdays we wear pink.

Sure thing.


Sounds scary. I’m going to load up on gold and tactical wipes stat.


You never have enough ‘‘hair on fire’’ threads. I think this is your third or forth variation on the same theme in the short time I’ve been here. :rofl: :rofl: :laughing:

You know ■■■■■■■ well if the political tables were reversed, the republicans would be all over the Dem president like flies on poop. DO NOT DENY THAT FACT.


I don’t think Clinton should have been impeached either. I just think they have an obsession, the day he was inaugurated some of the democrats was coming out advocating impeachment. The things done to Trump should not be done to any president.

The things the Clintons did was more corrupt that any Presidential candidate or President, but hey, when it comes to Trump, an accusation is the same as absolute proof huh?

Let’s play that game: I accuse Pelosi of murder, Biden of stealing, & Chuck Schumer of pedophilia. Time to investigate & begin TODAY proceedings to throw them out of office, right?

People that power hungry & filled to the brim with white hot HATE will kill their opponents if they ever get enough power. They already want to disarm us all, & do away with other rights. It’s the pattern of leftists governments to do the kind of things they are doing. Alinsky.

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But Trump and his loyal subjects are victims! Always victims. Never catch a fair break.