The huge giant really big and long Kavanaugh thread

I posted the following in the Kavanaugh hearings thread but then thought it more likely to be seen by the moderators etc. who might be persuaded to modify their actions a bit if I post it here;

STOP merging every thread that mentions Kavanaugh into this one!!

For example; Bootz’s thread on the evolution of a police state. That thread is a completely separate discussion from the hearings and highly worthy of discussion in its own right. By moving it here you force us to wade through hundreds of unrelated comments to even think of discussing the issue. It’s wrong and dissuades a lot of good debate that could be going on.

This thread is so huge I haven’t even taken part in it. I don’t have ten hours a day to dedicate to it

Just my two cents…….

if they apply enough to kavenaugh, they get merged into it.

Yup, I understand that. It seems to be getting a little willy nilly to me and several that deserved to stand on their own just got shoved in there. That’s all, thank you,

I agree it is shutting down unique conversations that are impossible to follow in that huge thread, but I guess the decision has been made.

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Before mods merged em together their was something like 8 or 9 threads out of maybe 12 top threads were all about Kavanaugh.

Couple of em were made by the same poster. Libs were literally flooding the forum with em.

So delete some of them, I just think it’s gone too far. Not a big deal, but frustrating when there were some that I found very intriguing but too arduous to discuss when mixed in with hundreds of unrelated posts.

Then you have posters complaining about deleted threads.

It’s no win for em.

Either that we let em flood the forum with their crap.

As for Kavanaugh thread. I just speed through it until hit interesting topic or from posters that I’m interested in hearing from.

It’s no biggie.

Takes too long. It’s not an issue with you and that’s fine, but it is with me. Not a huge one but I thought it worth mentioning.

And it’s not like we have an over abundance of threads here. Nothing falls off the front page like the other forum. It’s way easier to scroll down through topics than through a hundred or more replies in the kav thread. JMO.

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Lol… I got berated by an obsessive poster in that thread for not having read the last two days worth and “repeating stuff”…

I don’t understand why one massive thread is better than lots of threads that may or may not overlap. It’s not like it’s improving site traffic to merge related topics into one mega topic. It’s frustrating and causes a loss of interest to sift through everyone else’s side discussions.

I don’t get the argument that Kav threads clutter the board, when Hannity Bot does the exact same thing.

Yes. I understand that it’s his site, so he can do whatever he wants, but it’s easy enough to scroll through the active threads. The board even shows me which threads haven’t been commented on since my last visit.

Which would take about two days to read lol.