The House of Cards

Looks like we are getting closer to the collapse of the House of Cards.

I look forward to Achers testimony. I cannot help but wonder if Kerry was as involved as the Big Guy (if whst Archer says is true) ?

This could get more interesting. But any witneses or potential witnesses are in grave danger if this gets bigger.

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Archer hasn’t actually said anything, yet.

But it is fun watching you guys get your hopes up. Any day now.


Plea bargaining to get the bigger fish. Happens all the time.

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The narrative. Remember the narrative. AND, circle the wagons.

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they already know what he’s going to say and what the response will be.

love how they make a big deal out of the death threats tho

the evil unhinged right!! grrr

Have you noticed any prosecutors in the DOJ show any interest in going after Biden? Quite the opposite.

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His attorney, Matthew Schwartz, said he would be filing a formal response to the request from the US Attorney’s Office by Wednesday — and noted that his client would still testify as planned despite allegations the DOJ letter was an intimidation tactic.

“We are aware of speculation that the Department of Justice’s weekend request to have Mr. Archer report to prison is an attempt by the Biden administration to intimidate him in advance of his meeting with the House Oversight Committee,” Schwartz said in a statement


In a thread based on a narrative and circling the wagons….

Did anything else happen last week that precipitated the letter?

Trump farted?


You need proof to make a case. Why would they waste their time.

Something on Tuesday of last week about his appeal.

Did you object to the FBI investigating Trump for collusion when they had no proof? In fact, the standard for opening an investigation was “a credible accusation”. If you already have proof, you need no investigation.
Tracking down the source of the money going through over a hundred SARs reports involving the Biden family would be obvious enough a reason to find out what was going on between the Biden’s and Ukraine, Romania and China.


Looks like Archer may not show…

No its not. Please settle down and sit down

as one of my conservative friends states:

“you have him now”


It’s sad to see “you guys” ignoring all that’s being exposed as if it’s all nothing…

Maybe because two IRS agents risked their entire careers, with nothing to gain, everything to lose and just testified to evidence of blatant corruption?


This tripe is all over the place. Now the DOJ is asserting they do not want this Archer character to report to prison. And yes, he will testify behind closed doors and word is he will not be sworn in (lawyer buffoonery). Doesn’t matter, lying before Congress is a crime regardless.

Of course it is.

The narrative of corrupt dems

The circling the wagons for the “whistleblowers” - grave danger! :joy:

Good luck can’t wait.