The highlight of the Olympics?

In case your news sources have not covered this story. How do you not fall in love with this girl? So positive, upbeat, loves her country, no sign of victimhood anywhere. She is an example that all the crybabies need to follow. “I love America, I love my country.” She is the anti Rapinoe.

A wonderful breathe of fresh air! Doncha just love her?

Olympic gold medalist wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock: ‘I love representing the US’ | Fox News




Good for her! Speak her mind and stand up for your belief.

Same for others who choose to kneel.

Nope. If they have an oppressor they need to name em and shame em. Kneeling is simply crybaby fit throwing. Put up or shut up.

When the crybabies focus on wokism instead of their game, they get their asses handed to them. I like that.


Here, lemme fix that for you. lol


Nice! Who knew that if she put whining over winning she would stop winning?

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Both the men’s and women’s 400 m hurdles. In both races, both first AND second broke the world record for their respective race. Top competitors pushing each other to excellence. As the winner of the women’s race said, “Steel sharpens steel.”

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Agreed. I saw that race. It was thrilling.

As was Simone’s comeback medal.

Except the US women’s soccer team is the most successful soccer team in the world, so your woke theory doesn’t really hold water.

I’m not looking for it to hold water with you. So there’s that. Believe as you choose. You may also believe that I enjoy the defeat of anti American cry babies. Cuz I do!!!
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It’s not about belief, it’s about what actually happened. The US women’s team was every bit as woke at the World Cup in 2019, but that result must have made you sad.

One of the highlights was the return of India to the upper echelons of men’s hockey.

Not only a bronze medal but reawakening of Indian hockey, says Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan | Bhopal News - Times of India (

Final ceremonies.

That means it’s over.

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Right exactly. Loss to Sweden broke a 44 match winning streak. Not bad for losers.

And they have so much gold, they could start their own mine.

The bronze in this olympics doesn’t tarnish previous great accomplishments.

Any more than Simone biles bronze does.


5 straight points in the last 13 seconds turns a 8-5 loss into a 10-8 win for US wrestler.


I was about to suggest her brief respite due to a family member’s passing to return & defend her bronze beam medal.

I’m late for this party.

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