The Green Knight

I saw The Green Knight over the weekend, and it was wonderful.

I enjoyed the acting as well as the cinematography.

It’s definitely worth seeing in theaters.

I give it a grade of an A.


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Power went out in the theatre about half way through when I saw it.

What I saw was pretty interesting. There were some editorial decisions I didn’t care for in the beginning, so I’m courtly s to see if it paid off in the end.

My son and I just watched this. It started off decent and I was really hopeful. But the story line was so long and boring. We were very disappointed. It was such a waste of time. I was hoping for a good medieval movie and got a lack luster boring plot. Such a shame there was so much potential missed.

My wife and I went with her sister and niece. Promising previews, but the movie didn’t live up to them. At the end we all looked at each other in disbelief regarding what we had just watched. Rare that we have that strong of unanimity regarding how bad a movie sucked.

Good news is that the screen had red and green splotches, making a bad movie that much worse. My wife’s niece complained to the manager about the splotches and we all got a free pass. So at least we didn’t have to pay for the movie, but did still pay an arm and a leg for the snacks.

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Finally got around to watching the Green Knight. Not a movie for everyone, but what a visually stunning film that was.