THE GREAT ONE: Vote Levin for Hall of Fame!

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Now is your chance to vote “The Great One” Mark Levin into the National Radio Hall of Fame!

You can do so one of two ways:

You can text your vote, text the number 500 to 96000 – only one vote per cell phone.

You can also vote online by going to – only one vote per email address.

Inductees will be announced on June 25th.

Thank you for your support!

No…why would i

Good point. He is kinda like a talk radio Howard Stern i suppose a political shock jock on the same type of level as Savage

Voted for him.

Me too.


No…I rather not.
I’ll be voting for the Black Eagle. His topics are based on facts with truthful commentary and it transcends party. Dude be taking both sides to task, which I appreciate. So tired of these one sided talk radio shows.

Nope, not on a bet, threat, or promise. I’d sooner Art Bell (RIP) be voted in. At least bell was entertaining with his nonsense.

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Isnt the radio hall of fame in some guy’s basement? Sad stuff to attach your life’s work to.

Voted. Been listening to Mark for years. Thnx to our host for helping Mark get his break in radio.

I suppose if yelling and calling people “dopes” is Hall of Fame material…

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If I have one thing to thank Sean Hannity for it’s introducing me to Mark Levin.

He definitely gets my vote.

Me too.:sunglasses:

Voting for Jim Rome.

“Get out and vote for me, ya big dope!”

No thanks.