The goodness of the American people

I saw this story today its a little old, but it show the goodness of the hearts of the American people. even though America seem more divided then ever in term of politics, etc.

A church in Florida says it will pay off $7.2 million worth of medical debts for nearly 6,500 low-income people in the state, the Orlando Sentinel reported Wednesday.

According to the newspaper, the congregation at Stetson Baptist Church in DeLand donated enough to pay off medical debts for those in Volusia, Lake, Putnam, Marion and Flagler counties.

Dan Glenn, a senior pastor at the church, told the newspaper that the congregation had initially set a goal of raising $48,000 to divide between faith-based nonprofit One More Child, which provides foster homes for children, and RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit that buys selected medical debt from health-care providers and debt collectors.

The medical community accepted $154,000 to pay off $7.2 million in debt. That’s about 2 cents on the dollar and they wrote off the other 98. It’s too bad that universities don’t own the education debt and “we” could apply this same ratio?

The hospital sold that debt to collection agency long time ago.

most times the debt is sold two, even four times it lower in value because the people can’t pay it your talking about people making low income maybe 20,000-30,000 a year with no insurance.

so they been to court and declared bankruptcy (medical bill are the leading cause of it) and all the judge could give you was pennies on the dollar selling it for a fast pay day isn’t such a bad idea.

there are a number of charities (the church worked with one) who specialize in buying medical debt to help poor income families.

“We” could do that right now if “we” wanted to.

…cept the universities will feel no pain from the 98% loss like they should…and that’s my point.

So we can’t feel generous unless someone else “feels pain”?

That’s pretty bizarre…


It could be all wiped out overnight anyway. This “debt” we’re talking about is all 1s and 0s at this point anyway.

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You know in the OT, the rule was every every seven years, all debts were to be canceled, and every 49 years there was a Jubilee year where all property reverted to the original owners.

These rules were specifically instituted so that “there would be no poor among you”.

Imagine trying to propose such rules today…how “conservatives” would likely fly off the handle.


Weren’t debts cancelled every 7 years by the debtor’s servitude of a period that long, and yes servitude is translated as slavery? Treatment of slaves is also described in the O T, for example, they must get that sabbath, the day of rest, and if they opt to remain in servitude, they must puncture eardrums so they don’t hear the command to go free. Debt isn’t just canceled with nothing expected in return.

And property going back to original owner, hmm, what can happen in that period of 49 years? If a return isn’t possible, or not wanted by owner, then what? Not familiar with that particular teaching.

Well clearly you’d be infringing on the already wealthy’s property rights. In America, the banks have the right to own you via owning your property. Now get back to work so you can keep paying that interest until you get foreclosed on because the market eventually shifts. I mean it’s not like that was really intentional or the same people who orchestrated that the first time were talking about doing it again because they made a buttload of money the first time and nobody saw any jail time over it or anything. Oh wait.

Ask, don’t tell.