The Global Warming Hoax

Do not use the term “climatologists”. Since the study of climate is a legitimate field of study, don’t give it the sense of being false because a group of very poor scientists have attempted to use scare tactics to gain research grants.

The record of ground based temperature were changed circa 1999.

Also there is clear evidence that NOAA has been manipulating data with an end result intent:

Further proof of the changing data with no purpose other than to build a case for something that isn’t apparent in the data is here:

The end result of all of this is that the people maintaining the temperature records at both NASA and NOAA should be immediately discharged. These indications of “man-mad global warming” have NOT been either factual or accidental and this sort of thing demands prosecution.

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If the left could understand science they would have noticed Mann left the MWP out of the hockey stick back in the 90’s… They still haven’t figured that out.

I call it back door Globalization!

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