The gaslighter in chief

How does el President of the gaslighters do it

This senile old guy thinks his (non)economic strategy is working after inflation rises to 40-year high and oil prices skyrocket.


Dow Jones is higher than when Trump was in office.

Food and gasoline are higher. LOL


Y’all wanna decouple. This is practice

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Hey Trump is higher than when he was in office. And he has no more faux impeachment trials

You are funny :rofl:

Piper that is not everything. The average Joe has less disposable in one

What a pathetic buffoon. Inflation is at a 40 year high. We are 2.1 million jobs short of pre pandemic levels. There’s more and more talk of recession later this year.

This bs comes from the same administration that lied about the southern border being closed, got people killed thanks to that embarrassing Afghanistan withdrawal, claimed it would restore norms and that liberal is a moderate, oh and has thru it’s feckless weakness contributed to the real possibility of WWIII…

Our president is a lying buffoon.


lack of fertilizer leads to food shortages… utopia on the way…

They better try to get inflation down it wasn’t long ago high gas prices themselves could spell serious trouble for a president, 40 year high inflation is momentous and inflation keeps toping the polls as number 1 issue and worry among Americans with over 60% saying it is effecting their day to day lives.


Dude, THIS.

The loudest voices for decoupling are also the loudest whiners about inflation. Quite frankly, I don’t think they have the courage of their convictions

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You all don’t realize what is driving the economy. It is really sad.

Zero gain since June 1, 2021. Let’s go Brandon!


Look on the bright side. Less fertilizer means less nitrogen run-off, leading to fewer algae blooms, which is better for the environment. :wink:

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Democrats keep over-spending and printing too much money. All under Joe Biden’s watch.

Where do you think the money is coming from to treat the 3 million that have entered our country illegally? Hint: It ain’t free. Hardworking taxpayers are paying for the leftists joy-ride.


Higher than when Trump was in office.

It was a good metric then… what happened?

Stock markets results are lagging, not leading indicators.


Mind reading? LOL

Did you see this post right before mine?

I responded with:

Notice the LOL?

I hate having to explain things that should be self-explanatory.


Yes our inflation is out of control, gas prices have sky rocketed but…“we” have a POTUS that in spite of all that…is very concerned about men taking pictures of naked women and using it against them? You know…things more important than inflation?

“Come on…maaaaaan”…what he was really referring to, without saying it, are all of the pictures now being shown of Hunter, half or fully naked hitting the internet as his case is being investigated by a grand jury.


I don’t get my food and gasoline from China.