The Fed is buying corporate bonds of healthy companies, but helping the average Joe is a moral hazard

The gubmint will buy Pfizer bonds, but says it’s moral hazard to subsidize your healthcare.

The gubmint will buy Home Depot, but says it’s a moral hazard to not evict you after losing your job due to Covid

The gubmint will buy Disney, but you can’t even go to the park.

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It’s not to benefit the companies, it’s to benefit their workers.

That said. Anybody but me notice nobody but us is buying our debt lately?

The home depots here are have been the hottest non-stop party in town since day1 of lockdowns. I think someone at the Fed just the saw great returns written on that one.

And Berkshire Hathaway? C’mon. The Oracle probably giggled when he saw that. Apple and Microsoft stock hitting all time highs last week.

The money printer noticed.

We need another round of PPP loans.

This is not a true statement.



The federal government borrowed $1.4 trillion in the month of April, largely to finance the CARES Act and several other pieces of legislation to address the current pandemic and public health crisis. Over the same period, according to new data, foreign holdings decreased by $45 billion. This means that, on net, none of the additional debt was purchased by investors outside the U.S.

Looks true to me.

Ah. I didnt realize when you said “recently”, you meant one single month during a worldwide pandemic.

I assumed you were attempting to discuss a more significant trend, not just searching for a “gotcha”. Pardon my error.

Seen any evidence of an uptick in foreigners buying our debt? If you have, I’d be happy about it.

See that shadow at your feet? That’s an economic tidal wave headed our way.

Those bonds are investment vehicles.

The “Average Joe” has gotten the lion’s share by far of the money during this emergency.

Do you not realize that it takes months to put those figures together?

This is a report issued at the end of June for the month of April.

Do you have the figures for May and June?

The gubmint will buy Home Depot, but says it’s a moral hazard to not evict you after losing your job due to Covid

Provide links to any official statement from an agency, department, or other high ranking official to this effect.

Then explain where the Federal Gov’t has statutory authority over evictions.

The federal govt can assist by using the same authority it used to send out $1200. It can can do the same for rent / mortgage.

States will either to have to look at extending their eviction bans or start getting their sheriffs ready to evict mass amounts of people made jobless during a pandemic that’s only solution at the current time is people staying home.

Regarding the moral hazard of assisting the little guy instead of the corporation? You’ve been alive through 2008-until now, same as me. Water still wet.

I think is the thing that Bruenig was talking about being a good thing.