The Exodus Of Chinese Manufacturing

Companies are moving manufacturing out of China. It seems it’s not because they oppose having their products made by slaves…

To me, it should be illegal for any American company to use slaves…but that’s just me I suppose…


Also there’s this:

Decouple Now!


Those are pretty old.

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Huffpo and Forbes are on board to MAGA. What a beautiful sight.


Really old. Trump stole MAGA from them?


Microchips should definitely be manufactured somewhere a little more US friendly. 96% in Taiwan with the other 4% in South Korea. Great allies, but proximity to China will hurt us in the long run. (I think those percentages are right)


LOL, the one from Forbes isn’t so old…I think still relevant though…

I applaud multinational corporations putting values over profit.

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Strategic sourcing of materials insures continued profits for everyone.


And where are they going ?

Ah sarcasm

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India, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, & a couple others.

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Running out of slave labor countries. Nike kind of blew it for us back in the 90’s. Maybe we can get India to compete with them to make our cheap goods again, like back in the day. I see on FB videos that they’ve become very adept at putting handles on side cutters. Let’s give them a bunch of iPad parts and see what they come up with. It better not come out a zune!!!


Wait till China’s construction bubble really goes pop. It’s going to make Japan’s bubble of decades ago look like a tempest in a teacup.


China power demand is crippling their economy currently they can’t keep the lights on.
the whole house of cards is going to collapse soon sending them back to pre industrial age.

So the Trump Tariffs did work.

Interesting. Good post!

India will be the place where the world’s dumping will continue, while the respective governments of each country those products are shipped and sold in, bitch to their constituents about man made global warming.

To be fair, at least India is a reasonable government to deal with. And while they have their problems, they aren’t anywhere close to the PRC when it comes to human rights violations.

Made in America predates trump.