The European system of "free college" isn't what many here thinks it is

There are a higher percentage of Americans with college degrees now than in our previous history. What do you think is more likely, that Americans are much more intelligent now or have colleges loosened their requirements? Colleges are in it for the money just like everyone else. They will all accept as many as they possibly can. Also I freely admit my bias here as someone who was in the profession and saw how the system worked to push all students to that route.

I studied maths at Wadham College, Oxford.

It was a 4 year course and the total cost to me was £4,000.

An absolute bargain.

Of course the tax payer made up the rest, probably about £50,000 a year, but I’ve more than paid that back over the years.

Everyone wins.

Would everyone still win if you had dropped out before graduating? Or if your major left you unemployable or only qualified for low paying work?

1.3% of Oxford students drop out and 91% are either in work or in full time studies after graduating.

I’m probably somewhere near the median income and the average is much higher as the top end is very long.

Investing in world class education for high quality students pays for itself many times over.

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Imagine that; investing in education is beneficial.

Investing in smart kids regardless of their background is a very good idea.

Of course you have to actually value education to see that.

And that is a gulf too wide for some.