The European system of "free college" isn't what many here thinks it is

It’s not you.

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I don’t think that’s true at all.

Those programs not only make it possible they make the entire education system work better for the country and overall economy.

That’s why they don’t end up with millions of over qualified burger flippers and people with useless degrees sitting at home unemployed.

They also don’t have to waste tens or hundreds of millions of dollars bringing freshmen up to grade level through remedial classes.

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No, it’s pretty simple the less diverse the population the less division there is and certainly the less cries of racism anytime you do something to improve things for all.

Can you imagine if just 33 percent were allowed to go to college in the US, and the amount of political fighting to determine which groups got to go? You would naturally have to be sure that any protected group was “fairly” represented.
It would be a massive issue.

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The first thing that would have to happen is to raise entrance requirements eliminating students that need remedial coursework in the basics.

At most those students should be sent to local community/junior colleges to get up to grade level before being allowed into the 4year colleges.

Yeah, no.

Not really.

They wouldn’t feel the need to enter college despite being unprepared if wages were higher. That’s the difference between the United States and Scandinavian countries.

Explain for us how you get rampant false accusations of racism with a monolithic population?

Details please I’m sure it will be fascinating to read.

Rampant? Hyperbole.

Try again.

Our median income would even be higher if we hadn’t spent four decades telling kids blue collar jobs were for losers and exporting our manufacturing base.

Low end entry level low or no skill jobs in retail don’t pay well anywhere.


What are the top 5 to 10 most diverse countries in the world in your opinion and what criterion/criteria would you use to determine the most diverse?

Disclaimer: As always it is entirely your prerogative whether you choose to respond and the fashion of that response.

That’s an interesting theory. Nothing to do with quality of life as it stands.

Bull Scheiße Freund.

When you suggest “if wages were higher” are you including burger flippers with licensed skilled trade workers?

Yet you claimed low wages were the problem with quality of life in the US.

It wasn’t true.

It is absolutely true.


EXCELLENT POST! I can tell you as someone who has been in the education profession so much of the emphasis for high school students is to go to college, when the fact is that really isn’t the best thing for so many of these students. The thing is that if many more American students majored in STEM, we wouldn’t have to import so many people from other countries to fill those GOOD PAYING positions. Then we wouldn’t have all these graduates with liberal arts degrees and other useless BA’s with massive student loan debt making only $30,000-$40,000 per year. And as you point out many of these kids could have went the so-called “blue-collar” route and not be in this debt and working in good paying trades.