The Emmys Have Been Really Good Tonight

Not only have they been really funny but seeing a guy propose to his girlfriend after winning was great.

Was it really fair to allow Game of Thrones to be in the competition? I mean come on now!

That crap used to matter…

Didn’t watch but Tatiana Maslany got robbed in the best actress category. They probably felt since she won last year they wouldn’t give it to her again.

She starred in Orphan Black where she played half the characters. If you haven’t seen the show, its about clones and she played different versions of the same clone. She had five major clone roles and numerous smaller clone roles on the show and was so great at making each individual clone unique with their own personality and mannerisms you literally would forget it was the same actress. Never was it more apparent than one episode where one clone (Cosima) had to pretend to be a different clone (Alison). At one point I actually caught myself thinking “the actress who plays Cosima is doing a really great job pretending to be Alison” only to then realize that I’d completely bought into it being two different actresses.