The Economy and Trump


What? The current unemployment rate is at historic lows without tarrifs numbnuts, but yeah dont address my post just jump into assumptions.

Since when is making money make you a democrat?


If you can’t figure it out, then I’ve lost a lot of respect for you BlackWolf.
Even though you’re extremely liberal on your points of views, and I’m extremely Conservative. I still always enjoyed debating with you, because out of all of the Democrats on here, you gave me thee biggest challenges intellectually.


So are you a Democrat or a Republican? What is a numbnuts? It sounds painful. My nuts cringe at the thought of being numb. Of course most Democrats don’t have nuts in general, because they’re for trans, and not giving thee military money, and love Anarchy. Obama was thee laughing stock of thee nations.


Wow you went off the edge quickly… what of everything of what I said trigger you? Obama?


Aww, you’re sweet.


Can you articulate what the trade deficit had to do with the increase in our debt?

Also, why are you asserting the economy didn’t work under Obama’s? If that’s the case, why were fewer jobs added in Trump’s first year than any year in Obama’s second term?


I’m really just a hardcore Conservative on most things. I simply tried to act in the middle and moderate, but I couldn’t fake it any longer.


Oh believe me, based on your expertise and firm grasp of economics, we knew!


You see, when you let other countries take advantage of you trade wise, and do nothing about it, then they import much more than we export to them. And they make a lot more money of us, then we do from them, and that is how trade isn’t suppose to work with all fairness, unless someone like Obama and thee Democrats are ok with less jobs in America, and America owing other countries a lot of money. Do you understand that?
With your theory, why wasn’t this included? Obama has 8 years correct? and you said his second term which would be after 4 years. So let me get this straight? You’re comparing Obamas second term, to Trumps first year? lol. ok. whatever? lol. WT*? Do you know what math is? and do you know how to subtract and add?


I said any year in his second term. Fewer jobs were added in 2017 (Trumps first year) than in 2013, or 2014, or 2015, or 2016. Please don’t make me get on my laptop and actually post the annual figures, though I’m sure I could ballpark it off of memory (2300, 3000, 2700, 2400 vs 2200?)


Personally I think you watch too much ABc, Cbs, NBC, Cnn, or MSNBC. These are thee exact same people that gave out polls that said Trump had no Chance against his Republican rivals, and no chance against Hillary. My advice to you, is to try watching Hannity’s show one time, and maybe you might come close to having a thought on your own, and not what thee exact same people have taught you for over 50+ years. lol.


Did you literally just ignore the facts I just gave you and give a retort that I need to just watch Hannity? I don’t even :man_facepalming:


Are you every objective in life, or simply just one sided, like I assume that you most likely are? Because I’m objective, and open to changing my point of views if I’m proved wrong in my mind. I don’t get proved wrong that often, and it is rare, but when I do, I’m willing to admit to it, and willing to change my point of view politically. Are you objective, and willing to change your point of view, or simply ignorant to anything else but what u believe?


Your objectivity is definitely why you haven’t touched the empirical facts that have been provided in this thread.


I don’t know. But, I will say that when they were saying, after the passage of the tax bill, that people would see more in their paychecks, there actually was a bump in DH’s take-home. And a piece of commercial real estate that DH and his partner had on the market for three years, finally sold to a party who paid all cash, no mortgage.

I don’t know if this was casual or co-incidental, but it never hurts to have a little more money in your pocket. Of course, treating the pound hound’s last illness, a lot of it went out as soon as it came in, but what can I say? Dogs rule.


Do most Democrats even really know what it means to be objective with politics?