The Economy and Trump

Do you think that Trump has been good for America’s economy or not?
And if so why, or why not?

GDP is doing fine so far.

who is the GDP?

Trump has so far not screwed up the favorable economic trajectories handed to him.


So you’re saying Obama handing him the current positive economy?
Please explain? I would like to know more.

Obama did a decent job at putting us on a good path, would you not agree?

Sure maybe the recovery was not as fast as some would have liked but recovering from the greatest recession since the great depression is hard.

Was that a question for me? I’m not sure. Because I try and see both sides. Plus Trump has just stared out. I think that he has a lot of potential, to be greater than Obama was.

Yeah it was for you, sorry did not clarify.

Yeah I mean dunno how much Obama had to do with it but my stock portfolio soared during his time.

I think Trump has everything he needs to keep the economy soaring. Getting sloppy with tarrifs is the only thing I worry about, but so far it’s mostly talk.

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I think Trump has had minimal effect on the economy. Which is a good thing because he inherited one on a good trajectory. Just look at the slope of the unemployment graph from Obama’s presidency into his and it takes the same trend line. Though fewer jobs were added his first year than any year in Obama’s second term, can’t win em all. Pretty good growth so far. Though one has to wonder with the historical frequencies of contraction, when the next recession will hit. Hopefully this slow and steady pace that Obama set will continue to buck that boom-bust trend.

It’s a shame that deficits will explode and that’ll naturally lead the GOP to want to screw over the poor and middle class by going after programs that benefit them the most all the while the rich are reaping a windfall from tax cuts. It’ll be a double whammy when the tax cuts expire for individuals and screw over the lower and middle class even more.

Yeah, forgot to mention that if we continue our route with the trade wars, kiss these trends goodbye.

I dunno. I would think that tariffs overall would ultimately bring more money to America, and keep jobs in America? I mean I guess it depends on if you have your money in foreign companies or American companies?

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It means I think the comment was spot on, and can really add nothing more.

That’s cool. So you’re saying that Trump has potential?

I’m saying for all of Donald’s gross incompetence as a world leader and all his miserable shortcomings as a human being, he hasn’t managed to sabotage the economy just yet.

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Look I am not going to pretend I am some kind of economist, but going by history trade has helped us expand into the economy we are today. In my opinion keeping good trade relations is important to a healthy economy. Now are there things we should correct with our trading partners? Sure, NAFTA could use an update and there are also bad global actors like China.

Keeping good relations with our trade partners also helps us stop the spread of for example Chinese influence into South East Asia as we occupy that space. It also lets us put maximum pressure on China against their trade policies. I am of the opinion that walking away from TPP was a big mistake, but it is what it is.

So yeah we should be able to re-visit trade agreements but it should be done through good faith and understanding that trade is a compromise.

Obama’s and thee Democrats trade Deficit with other countries took us from 11 trillion to 19 trillion. Just in case you don’t know how to count, I’ll do it for you. That is almost double. Or 19 minus 11 equals 8. Ok? lmao. personally, I find it ironic how Democrats even have any case that Trumps accomplishments are only due to the fact of Obama’s legacy. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUum ok? So why is it then that only Obama’s so called economy worked not even in Obama’s presidency, but when Trump took office? I mean, that is really ironic, and hard for me to figure out? How about you Democrats? Please answer me, why that is so “IRONIC?” lol.

I’m guessing you’d rather have money in your port folio over American jobs correct?
Does that mean you’re a Democrat?

I’ve never registered with “thee” Democratic Party, FYI.

Man, you were a hoot on the old forums. What was your username there? Don’t be shy, handsome. :wink: