The Do Nothing Congress

Over the past several months I’ve heard the Democrats in Congress criticized as “do nothings.”

Trump himself tweeted about “do nothing Congress” back in November.

The criticisms have been rejected by Dems and Libs who point out that the Dems have sent almost 300 pieces of legislation to McConnell, each with at least one Republican backer.

But McConnell does not to give the Senate the opportunity to even discuss the bills, let alone pass them.

Should stonewalling by McConnell - or anyone in his position as Senate Majority Leader, regardless of party affiliation - be allowed, or should there be a new law enacted - insisted on by we the people - that says bills go directly to the Senate and don’t get stopped on the Majority Leader’s desk.

This is like all the bills passed by republicans when they had the house and dem’s held the senate. They passed bills for show knowing they’d never be taken up or given any serious consideration.


The Senate graveyard contains many bills that passed with bipartisan support in the House.

Because McConnell instead of being his own man has turned himself into a wholly owned subsidiary of Donald Trump.

And although it must be hard for him to be this way…since Trump flip flops on so many issues McConnell is reluctant to bring even bipartisan bills to the President because he wants to avoid any cases of bills that pass with Republican votes to be rejected by the President…he gets no pity from me.

He made his bed. He can sleep in it.


Could you give us five examples of good bills that had bipartisan support in the House that McConnell unjustly pigeon holed?
House bill numbers would be helpful…

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This is nothing but your own fabrication. McConnell doesn’t even like Trump and barely accepted his election.

Give us a list of all of these “bi partisan passed bills” and summaries of each.

Liking Trump doesn’t enter into it…If a member of the GOP crosses him, we all know what happens. The tweets start flying, the conservative talk shows/ tv shows jump in, and the person pays for standing up to him…

Mc’s a big boy, he has survived quite a few presidents and he’ll survive Trump.

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Has there been a President that has the pull/control with the conservative media like Trump has?

Conservative media hasn’t’ really been around long enough to give us a representative sample.

Even conservative talk radio has only been around to a significant degree since the 90’s.

■■■■ legislation, every one of them.

Just a quick search…

Was blocked from coming up in Senate

H.R. 1585: The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act

The renewal of the Violence Against Women Act was introduced in March and passed in April. One Democrat voted against it, while 33 Republicans broke party lines to back it.

Congress had allowed the act, which provides funding and grants for several programs that tackle domestic abuse, to lapse in February when it was left out of a spending bill ending a partial government shutdown.

The reauthorization includes everything in the original act and includes an expansion of a prohibition against firearm purchases for spouses or formerly married partners convicted of abuse or under a restraining order to include dating partners who were never legally married. The National Rifle Association came out against the act because of the clause.

Well, there you go.

And??..And if someone lives with someone for years, all the bills/ mortgage etc are both names but they are not married, what’s the difference?

“Dating” is not a legal status. Neither is shacked up.

Did you say anything about common law marriage or did you say dating?

Is this a federal law? Is common law marriage recognized in every state?

I said living together, both names on mortgage/bills etc

Did you?

Yes…after your “well there ya go” response.

And yes there are 8 states.

So after you moved the goal posts. Got it.

8 out of 50 and you want to make it federal law?