The Department of Education turns 40 this month

Has it been worth it? The budget this year is $70+ billion. We’re probably on the hook for a couple trillion over the 40 years. Has it been worth the investment? Did the creation of this agency improve the quality of education in America?

Millions of Americans have benefited from the grants and loans that the DOE provides.

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Yes, 40 years ago the educational system in America began it’s steady decline under federal goobermint control.

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I think the federal government’s entry into the student-loan business has been a DISASTER.

I would note that it could have easily provided those as part of HEW without being a separate department.

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Come on man.

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Did Americans learn those things before 1979?

Yes, I was one of them.


There is absolutely no need for a federal department of education. There is nothing they do that can’t be done at the state level.


I thought private lenders got out of the student-loan business in 2010. Which private banks are still lending?

Isn’t it true that the government’s student-loan program has allowed college tuition to rise exponentially? The ones getting wealthy at the expense of students are university faculties. Is there any wonder they’re all far-left liberals?

Why can’t students get loans from private banks? Why is the taxpayer obligated to fund another adult’s college education? I read that the default rate is around 11% at public universities and 15% for private ones. Why is the taxpayer obligated to eat that loss?

The student-loan business is BAD policy. For that matter, the DoED is BAD policy as well. The money being sent to pay an army of bureaucrats in Washington would be better spent at the state level.

It’s not under “goobermint control”.

You know that’s not his stance.


It can be. Though it also works at the federal level, too.

All of them.

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All of them got out of lending or all of them are still lending? Which is it?

If a private sector company invested $2 trillion into something, I think they’d be asking themselves if the investment was worthwhile. Why is it that we don’t ask such questions when it comes to federal spending?

They’re all still lending. They’re called “private student loans” now.

The Dpt of Ed has never educated a single person in it’s history.

I recall a few months ago the CEO’s of major lending institutions testifying to Congress that they got out of student loans back in 2010. Thanks for the link.