The Dems Presidential Debate on CNN

Now I see why the Dimbulbcrats used their House majority power in an attempt to oust the Prez.

It’s a snore fest as if they handed out valiums before the event. I guess one can record and play it to help them sleep :zzz: :sleeping:

Seriously were is the Obama or JFK in this bunch? I find it hard to believe these are the best speakers with charisma and energy that the democrats could find to run in 2020.

Yeah, we need a lot more borscht belt jokes about dead people and impressions of disabled people and people with foreign accents.


Yes I agree, where did they dig these people up at? Hillary has more charisma and energy. Does the left have like and AOC type figure but without being a lunatic?

They are having a horrible time with funding and the number of people watching the debates have dwindled. Seriously are they anyone else going to jump and run that has more charisma and energy? I had to turn it off it’s like watching Mitch McConnell debate 8 clones of himself :sleeping:

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Dear lord :star_struck: here’s a winner.

Joe Biden told a debate moderator during tonight’s debate that he’d be willing to sacrifice up to hundreds of thousands of jobs if it meant transitioning to a green economy.

“The answer is yes,” Biden said.

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What did you think of the exchange between Buttigieg and Warren?

Which one I have been channel surfing between it and impeachment news.

My apologies; I was under the impression that you had watched the entire debate. It was the one dealing with campaign financing.

Was it the wine cave?

It was wider than that; but that was part of it.

I didn’t catch the whole thing nope, but I understand the jest of it making him out to be a charlatan and not the lumpenproletariat class running against Mayor Pete.

I think of the ones remaining I might like him the best, maybe… it’s to bad Bloomberg isn’t there I would be interested in seeing how he performed.

Before I switched to DVR this was my take:

  1. They all really hate Prez Trump some more vehemently than others.
  2. They talk a lot of ■■■■ but resent the middle class.
  3. They really hate Prez Donald Trump.
  4. The “pathway to citizenship” is a ploy to expand the voting base.
  5. Bernie Sanders is a communist, don’t be fooled.
  6. They really really hate Prez Trump.
  7. Joe Biden has lost his grip on reality.
  8. Pete Butiwhatshisname tells a great story but his governance record says otherwise.
  9. Why does this bunch try to out give away each other? And
  10. You know, they all really hate the President!

I guess the activity in this thread, directly resembles the activity in the country watching the D debate. :sunglasses:

Personally, I watched four episodes of The Crown and two episodes of Arrow on Netflix instead. The results were the same. :wink:

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Let me say in my opinion your post is invalidated by your point number 8.

It seems to me that there appears to be an overall decline in the number of posts in recent days. I am not sure the reason or reasons behind this downturn. It may be because of the closeness to Christmas and higher priorities at this time of year.

Your opinion is duly noted. And may I just say that after opening this thread I will now proceed to watch paint dry.

I would recommend a bright colour rather than a more dull hue.

Agreed, dull colors put me in a melancholy mood and I’ll wipe out my Woodford Reserve stock.
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD there’s more to life than this ■■■■■■■■■ thread!
I’m going Christmas shopping!

That…and people being banned for using words towards other forum members to simply relieve their internal hate. Also, what fun is it to go to a game where you’re consistently on the losing team?

The Dems will be crushed next November. Do you know why? They’re promoting things detrimental to our country and are on the wrong side of history. Many can not see past next Friday’s paycheck…much less that far down the road.