The Deals: Where Are the Deals?

Okay. When you strip away the bullyng, blustering, lying, ignorance, petty squabbling with celebrities, and just being a self-absorbed ■■■■■■■■ Trump’s original brand was (primarily) the art of the deal. Deals. I make great deals. Let’s review:

Immigration: No deal
China: No deal
Infrastructure: No deal
Iran: No deal
Trade with EU: No deal
“New” NAFTA: No deal
North Korea: No deal
Immigration: No deal
Trade with Japan: No deal
Venezuela: No deal
Healthcare: No deal

What gives? We’re over three years in now. Is this all the fault of crazed Democrats, liberals, and lefties? Is Antifa too terrified of his deal-making skill to ever let him?

(And no: Deals with Russia don’t count.)


He’s a liar.

I imagine it would be rather difficult to actually make a deal with someone like Trump who constantly lies and is absolutely devoid of core values.

He made a deal with congressional republicans to give big corporate tax cuts that blew up the deficit at full employment

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Well he did successfully deal for the soul of the Republicans party and conservative label.

All deals are eleventy dimensional. You can’t see them without your Official Trump MAGA-Vision X-ray specs.

(Now available at 25% off on Trump’s website in observance of Memorial Day)

We gotta make sure he keeps them and they keep him. So no, “Trump who? Never supported him.”

Nobody is really gonna make a deals with someone who cant get bank loans outside of shady folks.

I’d have to assume most are just gonna wait this out and hope we kick him out in 2020 to deal with more sane people.

He conned a bunch of people into voting for him.

There is that one with Saudi Arabia. You k ow the one where If they butcher a WaPo journalist they get some nuclear goodies.


trade for curtain number 2

I haven’t been around much. I assume the Trump-Is-Cool brigade here is still going pretty strong, right?


Never weaker. Not missing much


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Trump seems less cool. Now everyone has a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. TDS. :(.


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I did not think conversation could degrade any further here, but I am proven wrong daily. All gaslighting, “trump is cool”, or never supported proclamations of “you are wrong”. A weak and lazy bunch we have here.


Where are the deals? It’s not just us wondering.

I thought the Russians were supposed to love Trump, or have Democrats given up on that one?

They don’t love Trump. They love a Trump presidency because he’s so easily manipulated and outmaneuvered.

We’ll ■■■■■

They didn’t install him for this level of performance.

Unless, their objectives were different. Which I bet they are.

Russia got a hell of a deal with a trump. He does more for their objectives than their own foreign ministry.