The conservative view of race

If any of my conservative friends disagree. Please let me know. Conservatives believe that racial stereo types exist among some people. Both on the right and left. And we believe that some mall police may keep a tighter eye on black shoppers than white shoppers. We do know that the internet is loaded with bad examples. We also believe there are a few people of all races who do not like people who don’t look like them. We try not to let these people get in charge of anything and set polices that would benefit one race above another. And showing racial prejudice is a career killer. In both politics and the real world. We also believe that most people are good and do not look down upon people based on race. We know for a fact, that what ever race you are, if you posses drive, intelligence, skills and are not a total jerk, you will almost certainly succeed. If you posses none of these, you will fail. We know this because we go to work with successful people of all races. That said, we abhor people telling us that the reason that many uneducated, criminally inclined, low skilled and people totally unprepared for life cannot find good paying jobs, is racism. We have no tolerance for bull ■■■■ We believe that despite our imperfections, the United States is the most racially equal and accepting country that the world has ever seen.

But we are sooooo sick of everything being racialized as if that’s all people ever think about. No, we don’t typically think about race at all. We have better things to worry about. And we don’t appreciate being told that unless we think exactly like them, we will be marginalized.

This is what the new democratic party calls white supremacy. These people are not well. They need the help of a good shrink.

You’re correct.

It isn’t all that people think about.

In fact, they don’t think about it at all.

But that doesn’t mean things like this (which you recognize above with your mall cops analogy) don’t happen often:

This story isn’t posted to make anyone feel guilty or get offended (although I’m sure it will happens). What happened in the above story wasn’t a conscious effort on anyone’s part. It happened because of how things are set up to work.

And not just on race but on class. This institutional discrimination is a major reason why, for example, many of the very businesses that PPP loans were designed for couldn’t get them, and many businesses who didn’t need them could get them. Certain hidden assumptions that give breaks to people and make it harder for people just like them, only different maybe in race or class.

I actually agree many of the ways to try and make things like the story outlined above not happen as much are doomed to failure because they use loaded terms that turn on people’s defense mechanisms.

But I would ask you how we would make it so stories such as above happen less and less in ways that won’t make anyone feel guilty for something they didn’t do.

What I see are educated people griping about things poor people of any race have no clue about. And the focus completely on race is only dividing society more not sure if that is the goal but that’s what is happening according to all the race surveys.

My question is why focus on race?

A lot of people have brought up good points:

  • Culture
  • Education
  • Family
  • Morals and values

Of course they do. If I am walking on a street and I see someone that sets my alarm bells off I’m going to go out of my way to avoid them. I don’t care what race they are, if I even know at the time or later what race they are.

She was mortified because we both knew why she had concluded otherwise. I was brown and she therefore assumed that I was “the help”

I waved away the mistake and she and her husband sat down and asked me what I was working on. We had a long chat about our favourite books, life in the UK versus US and how lucky we were to be sailing across the Pacific – and it was utterly lovely.

That was the racism in this story…her “assuming” that she assumed. It was reversed but that doesn’t count, does it? Now remove the hate and guess what, “it was utterly lovely”.

This is what you got out of the story?

We start by not inventing fake stories of racism. The inner cities are not full of people who are being oppressed. They are full of people who have no marketable skills. In the inner cities, the head of the household is typically the grandmother. In the suburbs it’s usually the father. There is a reason that suburban minorities have jobs and inner city ones do not. And it has nothing to do with race.

Because they don’t want solutions. The want to convince people that conservatives are out to get them And it’s working.

Well, ya know…“all white people are racist”. :roll_eyes:

■■■■■■■ grandmothers! :rage:

majority of people living in cities have jobs.
most jobs don’t require marketable skills, 90% of the labor force could be replaced with otters and it might improve.

Why, because America choose to divide itself based on race.
Its the easiest way to divide people because its easy I’m blue, Your red.
red people are bad, blue people are good.

tribalism is defining part of human society even we are are all the same colour we divide and conquer.
You don’t think “Racism/Bigotry” doesn’t exist in the rest of the world, There is no such thing as “African” or “Asian” or “Middle Eastern” those are term we created because we are lazy.

Japanese people hate none Japanese, they mass murdered South Korean because they are lesser race.
China has literally mass murdered everyone who isn’t Han, right now China has literal internment camp housing over a million people because they are not “Chinese” enough. China might be the most bigoted, Racist country in history.

Africa, Middle East, Europe its all the same.

You have China right, Japan wants to keep things Japanese and will treat you like royalty visiting and not so bad working but just don’t move there which is next to impossible anyways you will always be a foreigner.

This is nice but it didn’t apply to the story I just shared.

You couldn’t be more wrong. Liberal America is actively dividing Americans by race. Conservative have pretty much had enough of this crap.

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I see entitled Americans assume people are the help all the time, and yes it’s even often white people they make the assumption about. The fewer actual employees in the area, the greater the chance someone is going to accost another shopper trying to get service. And it’s sort of elitist to get bent out of shape about it as well. Because what that says is, service people are way below your station and therefore offensive to assume I am one of them.

Why is assuming somebody is a worker an insult?

Everything is racial to a racist.


That’s what I said.

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