The Comey Memos

So the Comey Memo’s are out:

Page 1 -1/28/17 Last Paragraph:
“I responded by saying that he could fire me any time he wished, but that I wanted to stay and do a job I love and think I am doing well”

“I explained that e could count on me to always tell the truth. I said I don’t do sneaky things, I don’t leak, I don’t do weasel moves”

Talking about McCabe -
"I explained that Andy Was a true Professional and had no problems at all. "

Lots of discussions about Andrew McCabe and Comey keeps telling the president he is an honorable person.

Seems the President may have known something that Comey didn’t think he did?

These Memo’s actually make Comey and McCabe look bad with what we know of McCabe and Comey now.

President doesn’t look to bad except some of his instance on the Pee and Hooker issue.

Trump loves talking about Russian hookers.

Yeah. What is the deal with that? Makes him look totally innocent guilty as hell.

Just because Comey wrote it doesn’t make it true. It’s not a tape recording.

Wouldn’t it be funny if he had those, too?

I kid, I kid.

Seriously, though. Regardless what you think of Comey, in this he said/she said saga, we have his contemporaneous notes against the credibility of one Donald J. Trump. I guy whose very own supporters acknowledge it’s a juggling act determining whether to take him seriously or to take him literally.

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I’m pretty sure in a court of law, contemporaneous notes taken by FBI officials constitute an accurate documentation of facts…aka: the truth.

One thing is certain, when you place Comey against Trump in regards to who is the most trustworthy, there is no contest. Trump has literally decades of documented lies, about all things, be they large or small.

No they don’t.

Comey is a lot more shady than you guys give him credit for. Sure, Trump is an ass, but the comparison is not Comey to Trump. It’s Comey to the image of an FBI Director.

Be interesting to see what else comes out of Lynch.

Yes, it would be funny. I’m not sure it would be legal.

Was this in response to my post regarding contemporaneous notes?

No, the comparison is Comey to Trump. We are having to deal with a he said-he said situation, where the only two people in the room for some of these memos were the two of them. The comparison is accurate.

Yes, I’m still figuring it out.

I disagree. Respectfully.

No worries. I understand. I am as well…but I am liking the new forum.

I believe you are mistaken though, and there is documented evidence of contemporaneous notes from FBI officials used in criminal proceedings, considered as evidence of fact.

Fair enough. We shall have to agree to disagree my friend.

Not when the FBI agent was being investigated.

Comey was not investigating Trump. He is being investigated.

Is Comey being investigated? This is the first I’m hearing of it. Do you have a link?

All I’ve seen is justice department watchdog group is probing Comey memos.

But personally the way Comey is prancing around taunting everyone I think he knows they aren’t going to touch him…he knows where all the bodies are buried. :sunglasses:

Putin says they have the best hookers.