The Collusion Delusion

Did Manafort give internal polling data to Kilimnik about states that went on to be heavily targeted by Russians on social media? Yes.

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But yeah, there definitely weren’t any secretive dealings going on that the Trump campaign repeatedly lied about to the American people. Because that would be…collusion.

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No he didn’t. He said that he would listen if a foreign government had information and then, if it showed something wrong, hand it over to authorities. Just what should be done.

I note that the responses are all about how the Mueller report doesn’t address the word “collusion” (true, it only said it didn’t establish any cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russian interference in our election). These responses then leave out what they were expecting to find in the first place.
That’s because they have nothing. There was no smoke. They just got excited over things like Sessions talking to some Russian at a party with many other people there. It was pathetic and hopefully the DOJ will tell us what really started all this.


Sigh…just keep repeating the same talking points over and over again even if they are dishonest and leave out context.

  1. Mueller couldnt show a conspiracy because of a few reasons.
    A) scope
    B) people were lying,deleting emails and using chat apps that wipe out the conversation.
  2. no he did. Voter rolls where hacked and a few machines as well. Just nothing was done that we know of. They did influence voters via social media.
  3. of course this is your reasoning because had Obama came out and stated something you would have been on here posting about how Obama was trying to fix the election. Let’s just cut to the chase about what would happen in that situation. But he didnt and now you just flip to why didnt he do anything. He was screwed either way by a group of people who cry victim to everything .
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Yeah, Trump folks spending months claiming that there were absolutely no interactions with Russians only for it to come out that there were secret meetings to discuss dirt, business negotiations involving Trump’s personal finances, exchanging of polling data, etc etc… is definitely “no smoke”, right?

It’s as if you guys think claiming the sky is green enough times will make it so. It’s still blue. All the gas lighting and willful ignoring of reality in the world are not going to change the facts.

And they didn’t know the laws, so therefore when a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, there’s no sound. Or no law broken. :slight_smile:

You guys based this all on an unsubstantiated and salacious dossier (as Comey described it) and when that blew up every little telephone conversation became “smoke”.
What if Melania had been paid $500k to give a “speech:” to the biggest Russian investment bank, they way Bill Clinton was?

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This was based on things that the Trump campaign said occurred that was later shown to be false. Nobody forced them to repeatedly lie about everything. Nobody forced them to engage in secret meetings with Russians to exchange dirt. Nobody forced Trump to lie about Trump Tower Moscow. Maybe if his supporters stopped making excuses for his lies they would eventually stop, but we both know that isn’t going to happen, don’t we? You’re all too invested.


And unlike Trump, the Clintons never hid the fees. They reported them. So this whole Clinton Russia thing is just fog-filled ■■■■■■■■ by Trump and his wing.


Can any argument be more stupid than claiming that a foreign government can pass information to a candidate and only needs to be reported if it’s bad?

All such contacts should be reported, period. Supporting and spreading Trump’s ignorant understanding of the law is the opposite of critical thinking.


Why? Reading it won’t change the facts. No conspiracy and no obstruction. #factsmatter

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There was no smoke…sure, why not. Trump says anythingng that sounds fun to him why shouldn’t others.

What I find troubling is how the Right has so successfully dragged the “middle” to the right over the last 30 years.

Ike is an extreme Leftist by today’s standards.

Newsweek is communist
Politifact is socialist
But Obama/Clinton



And that would be against the law.


Show me.

As a percentage, you would find that only a small number of Americans feast exclusively on RW talk radio. The hosts of those popular shows are RW pundits and don’t pretend they are anything else.

I personally haven’t listened to talk radio for years and when I did, my listening was evenly balanced between LW and RW pundits

Now let’s look at the other side of the spectrum.

Our education system has been overrun by lefties.
Our entertainment industry has been overrun by lefties.
With rare exception, the MSM has been overrun by lefties. They no longer even pretend to be fair and balance. Many of these so called journalists are really LW pundits posing as journalists.

They all take their marching orders from Soros minions.

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And offered zero proof of any of it.