The chickens come home to roost - CNN headquarters attacked by violent leftist mob

A huge violet mob has surrounded the CNN headquarters is Atlanta, smashing windows, damaging property, burning cars, and now they threaten to storm the building.

For CNN, the chickens are coming home to roost. They’ve spent years promoting radical agendas and fanning the flames of racial tension - now the people they riled up are coming for them.


They were riled up by…cnn.

Pretty sure the chickens came home to roost when they burned that Minneapolis PD police station down.


Why do they have to be a leftist mob? Why can it not be just people protesting for justice?

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Trying to imagine the reaction in the media if a group of Trump supporters did this at CNN.



Surrounded is your word but not reality.

I watched it. To me it looked like the police messed up and tried to take shelter inside a side-lobby. But if you think the world really needs is more people making things up to suit their agenda have at it.

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Burning business and destroying property is protesting?

Cool. I’ll remember that the next time I feel slighted.


I’d be justified in committing arson and vandalism. Right?

You want me to determine when you’re justified? Can you make me a cop first?

Riots in Atlanta and LA for something that happened in Minneapolis… is that justified?

Whoa hold on. It’s not some separate thing. You do understand that there have been significant racial incidents recently in Atlanta and LA too, eh?

And DC and NY?

And Wausau and Elgin and Seattle and Flint and …This is America.

People are upset. Clearly.

So everything that’s going on now is justified. Good to know.

You keep saying that.

You keep saying that it is.

Quote it and I’ll send you money.

What is justified then? You keep refuting me every time I say this isn’t. But you haven’t said what is.

Just because I understand why carol Baskin killer her husband, doesn’t mean I have to think she was justified in doing it.

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