The Cancel Culture and Whoopi

Are we as a society getting way too sensitive? Has that reality allergy gotten way out of hand?

What did Ms. Goldberg say that was so awful? The Holocaust WAS about man’s inhumanity to man. Romany, the physically and mentally handicapped, Slavic peoples and dissidents were targeted as well.

Jewish ISN’T a race, but a religion and ethnicity. She didn’t deny the Holocaust took place at all.

Are the executives at ABC the same who found fault with Donald Trump acknowledging all victims of the Holocaust? Does no one accept the idea of I may not like what you say, but I will defend your right to say it?

Free speech should be for everyone, whether with views like Donald Trump, or Whoopie Goldberg, or any view in between conservative and liberal. The cancel culture needs canceled.

She’s an idiot. Used to be somewhat funny and somewhat likeable, but still an idiot.

She’s not gonna be fired. She’ll be alright.

She’s got an upcoming appearance in Star Trek: Picard as well. Not cancelling that.

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i dont think she should have been suspended

but the entertainment /TV industry…

Caryn Elaine Johnson should have known better considering how she has been exploiting the Jews with her stage name for years…

She said something dumb.

She gets a vacation.

She will be back on air saying other dumb things in a couple of weeks.

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She has free speech, she said what she wanted…Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you’re free from consequences…

Btw…I agree with the first half of your post.

abc arbitrarily imposes these suspensions then

shes on a show where they sit like know it alls and ■■■■ on people and their ideas all day to seal clapping.

but if someone from abc doesnt agree there are sanctions. it’s stupid and nothing but virtue signalling


they day dumb things all day, week after week

It’s the appeal of the show I guess.

I admire her more since her suspension. It’s a shame she capitulated with an apology, though.

While the numbers are disputed, non Jews were targeted by the Third Reich for persecution and death in the camps.

Whoopie shouldn’t have apologized because reality collided with the viewpoint of ABC executives.

This is what happens when everyone thinks they should give their opinion about everything whether its science, art, literature, history, medicine. Sometimes if you don’t know what you are talking about it’s best just not to step on a landmine. Everyone with any knowledge of the subject knows the holocaust is that landmine.

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She said something dumb, and is being punished for it.

clearly the worse possible outcome.

I personally stand with she should have just been corrected and move on. Her analogy was off but still it wasn’t like she went full on Denier or anything. I found her comments about it really wasn’t rape rape much worse than her views on the holocaust.

Whoopi’s real name is Caryn!


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We spend so much time in this day and age trying to punish people in different ways. Someone messes up - make them suffer, banish and ostracize them, don’t care if that ruins their life.

Not a sign of a healthy society.


There’s always the alternative. :wink:

Yeah, acceptance.

excellent point. stick of dynamite topic

but they exist to be heard. they needed attention

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This :+1: It used to be learn from your mistakes now it’s trial by social media and banishment.

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Whoopi has been cancelled before. She will be back!