The biggest difference between D's and R's?

Typically Republicans focus on policy and democrats focus on character. During campaigns it usually goes something like this.

Republican. Don’t vote for my opponent. He will raise your taxes, expand government, increase regulations and open the borders.

Democrat. Don’t vote for my opponent, he’s a bigot.


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Complete crap. Gary Hart Bill Clinton bringing women to the debate against Hillary.

The whisper campaign against John McCain and his adopted daughter.

“Lock her up”

Did Trump have a single policy white paper? Clinton had several on her site. No one goes more ad hominem than Trump.

This OP is ridiculous.


Bill Clinton brought a date to his wife’s debate?

Trump: Mexico is sending us their worst.
Fact: Both legal and illegal immigrants are less likely to commit violent crimes.

Well this is a load of crap.why would you waste people time with this

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Sending their worst is about character not policy…jesus you cant even support your own OP.

Another in the long line of the OP’s “democrats suck and republicans are great” threads. Yawn.


Ah, yes, McCain’s “black baby”. I bet that’s not big deal in South Carolina like it once was.

Media collaboration.

FNC, Hannity Limbaugh and Levin heart this post hard.


Revisionist history.

It’s as if Donald Trump doesn’t exist in this reality.

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Oh Cowboy. You are being incredibly dishonest. Me promote republican party greatness? I have said on numerous occasions that I don’t trust them. I won’t call you a liar, cuz I don’t roll that way. But I will make it difficult for you to back up your false accusation. Here is your opportunity to do so. You can do that. Or you can apologize. Which ever is easier.

Not interested. I’ve seen far too many of your call out threads to believe you.


These threads remind me of people who try too hard to convince themselves that what they believe is true when every fact points to the opposite.

Oh I see. You have seen too many. You just can’t specifically recall any.
Apology accepted.

I’m not apologizing to you.