The big business of human trafficking

It’s interesting to read about how much money it can cost some to get that ride to the border:

From the link:

When asked about Biden, nearly all said his relatively pro-immigration positions influenced their thinking.

Smuggling fees vary widely, with some paying up to $10,000 a person in the Rio Grande Valley, the busiest corridor for illegal crossings.

This dispels the narrative that this is seasonal. Also shows it ain’t cheap to come here.

This is a bit hard to believe:

Perez, who paid a smuggler $27,000 to bring his family to the U.S.

Just exactly how does a person living in poverty come up with $27,000?

I’ve been wondering about that too.

Many of them borrow the money.

Or offer up kin collateral.

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It’s like all the EU migrants on their iPhones in 2015. What some found out after looking deeper the majority were middle class (Economic Migrants) moving out of Africa and the Middle East. It was an expensive trip most poor couldn’t afford.