THE BIG APPLE: New York City Celebrates First ‘SHOOTING FREE’ Weekend in 25 Years

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While gun crime and escalating violence continues to plague Chicago and other major American cities, the Big Apple celebrated its first entirely “shooting free weekend” in over 25 years.

According to Yahoo News, New York City marked its first weekend without a single shooting incident since 1993.

“We went Friday, Saturday, Sunday without any shootings and homicides," New York Police Department chief James O’Neill told journalists.

"That’s the first time in decades, and that’s something not just the NYPD, but all New Yorkers can be proud of,” he added.

Official statistics from the first half of 2018 show 147 murders throughout the five boroughs.

The homicide rate for America’s largest city was a staggering 2,245 people in 1990.

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