The Bar Owner Charged For Killing BLM Rioter in Self Defense? Found Dead Committed suicide

If only the state gov’s and mayor and the police actually started doing their jobs problary by arresting BLM rioters who were attacking his property which protestors have no rights to attack someone else’s private or business property.
I am sure the constitution allows people to defend themselves in self defense. For the democrats though they want that option gone.

If the police did their job and chased and arrested the rioters who were attacking his property for no reason. Maybe none of this rioting would had happened.

Here again is another example of the fact that many of the violent folks at these protests are from outside the area (In this case the guy shot was from Seattle). And in all the reports that I have read, there is no proof that he was part of the BLM movement. And I have to think that the DA felt he didn’t have a case based on the surveillance video he saw. So I wonder what the Grand Jury found that caused the conclusion that charges were warranted. I can’t say wither I agree with the OP about the Governor and Mayor not doing their jobs. I can not find any information about what they did or did not do that might have made this riot not happen. However it does enforce that these things are only happening in Democrat states and cities is a myth.

However it does enforce that these things are only happening in Democrat states and cities is a myth.

I disagree there this has being mostly had being for the past 100+ days in Democrat cities. I didn’t see any news of any riots in Alaska or GOP held areas to heavily protests? sure some and some were peacefully but not as crazy the ones in Portland.

The democrats had being their jobs horrible in this case. They are elected to serve the people of their areas not to push specif or weird, bizarre agendas.

I smashed the dislike button on youtube because I disliked the story. Thanx for providing the source.

The one thing that seems to be a constant is how these anti-government idiots work. The police have been stymied because these folks that want to fire bomb are organized. They use diversion to get the police away from their target. And by the time the police recognize this and get to the scene the damage is already done and the bad guys are gone.

Well stated, but Donald Trump won the election in Nebraska with 58.7% of the vote.

It also doesn’t help when the police target all protestors en masse in response rather than going after those responsible. They know who they are. But as always, it’s an excuse to go after the dissidents as well. The same reason these guys will allow certain “protestors” to come into town and incite violence (which isn’t legal) confronting protestors while chucking bottles of water to them and telling them they’re appreciated. We aren’t supposed to see any of this of course and when it’s pointed out, it’s conveniently ignored. Go figure.

It was interesting that during the first George Floyd protests there were member of the press that identified themselves to the police and got back “We don’t care”. It seems that the various police departments and the federal government are not talking to each other. And all we get from Trump is the let me send in the National Guard and I will fix this line. A lot of this reminds me of the 1960’s protests against the war. It just kept escalating until Kent State happened.

The police are just mad they’re being called out. That blue privilege doesn’t extend to the media and obviously, they feel it should.