The bane of America - incompency everywhere

Someone had laughed, on another thread, saying that the President (I paraphrase) had movie like footage of the raid on el-Bagdaddi, laughing to scorn the idea that all the raiders had were heat sensing cameras and no audio. So 1990s.

Frankly, it’s a wonder our military manages to achieve anything, let alone have body cams that are younger than the 1960s…

Does their incompetence come from within, or is it a reflection of higher up the food chain - the politicians who are looking to line their own pockets and keep constituents happy so they get relected, and to heck with the rest of the country.

The Defense budget is so bloated.

We have $13 Billion brand new aircraft carrier that is completely ******* useless.

The United States Military sets the grading curve for incompetency.


Bigger the organization the bigger the ■■■■ ups but $13B is setting a new bench mark of ■■■■ Ups i have to say

Would it be considered incompetent to mis-spell “incompetency” in the title of a thread decrying incompetency?


I think it would be.

Darn it…I was just checking to see if that had been pointed out.

Normally typos are not worth bothering with…However when you miss misspelling incompetent…THAT cannot go unmentioned.


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