The attack on the White House dog

Comn attacking an old dog. Very unbecoming

Even for newsmax it is a new low.

“During his show on Friday, host Greg Kelly and Ronald Reagan biographer Craig Shirley condemned the 12-year-old Champ as “dirty” and “unlike a presidential dog”

It’s an old dog for goodness sakes.

Leave Champ alone.


Completely idiotic.

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Thats something the leader of the GOP would say…Newsmax learned well.


Slow news day?

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Must have been for Newsmax… :grin:

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I wanted to make a thread along the lines of “Republicans have gone barking mad” but I resisted. I’m glad memes showed up though.


Must be, when a dog that looks pretty well fed needs a bath and grooming.


Champ doesn’t care. Good Lord man. The TDS is strong in this one.

Where did I mention trumps name at all in this thread until now.

It was newsmax bring up this crap.


You read Newsmax? Awesome! It beats the hell out of politico or CNN. Am I right?

Would not read or watch newsmax if someone paid me one million dollars.

Saw the article about the attack on a poor old dog and set me off.


Your loss. They cover stories that your sources refuse to cover. You are chosing to remain uninformed.

I suppose we should be glad that a right wing attack on the White House dog involves an actual dog this time.


And then the sweeping Newsmax retractions to try and stave off a lawsuit for all the lies they tell. One thing you don’t get in more responsible media.

Do you mean like lying dog-faced pony soldiers? :wink:


Okay, look - GSDs are fantastic dogs. And frankly, other than a needing a good brushing, I don’t think Champ looks bad. Pretty good, in fact, for a 12-year-old GSD, a breed that has a host of sensitivity issues - skin, coat, digestion, etc.
And I’ve got a real soft spot for older dogs. Some years ago, we adopted a shep/rottie mix that was “10 or so”. Shelter charged us $10 adoption fee. That old boy’s skin and coat issues make Champ look like a show dog. Great dog. Had 3 great years with him before he passed.

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Newsmax would have been totally discredited if this story was about a 12 year old cat with grooming issues.

Older cats aren’t as flexible & can’t as easily bend or turn to groom themselves. Veterinary techs at times have to shave knots from their fur.

Couple of ladies in my circle of acquaintance have Maine Coon cats—a larger breed with an on average longer life span. Even these cats lose the feline flexibility and, with also somewhat longer fur, get a little messy.

News employers should grant more time off to reporters if news is this slow.

Well, at least they didn’t call the dog a radical socialist. Yet.