The attack on the Democratic Governor of Texas by Donald trump Jr

The eldest son of former president Donald Trump took to Twitter and hit out at “the hypocrisy of those trying to cancel Ted Cruz,” adding that their silence “on their Democrat Governor’s incompetence is telling.”

Greg Abbott, democrat.

That has a nice right to it.

Can’t anybody named trump excluding Mary and Barron tell the truth.

Please anyone at all…

Playing the blame game with a natural disaster.

Blame the dems somehow …


Heh. To crib a saying from Texas, he’s all meme no knowledge


Should have read your link first.

from Donald Trump Jr hits out ‘Democrat governor’ of Texas... who is actually Republican

Since the initial tweet, some have pointed out that Mr Trump’s tweet has been taken out of context and he was instead referring to attacks from “blue check Twitter” — a reference to coastal media elites — who he says should be focussing on the scandals involving New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

And from the rabidly right wing Newsweek Fact Check: Did Donald Trump Jr. Say Texas Governor Greg Abbott is a Democrat?

The Ruling


Trump Jr. made no direct mention of Abbott being a Democrat. He never even names Abbott in the video or tweets, but he does directly name Cuomo and makes reference to Newsom.

That’s ok though, you believed what Yahoo wanted you to.


His tweet was fairly vague. I couldn’t tell what dem governors he was referring to. I’ll give him benefits of doubt on this one.

He is still an idiot though.

I don’t care about him one way or the other, I do care about the truth though.



i love how the newsweek link shows our beloved national treasure Alyssa Milano (who i think used to be a bartender) tweeting the same crap about trump calling abbot a dem.

all image, lies, narrative, etc

im sure twitter will remove all those false tweets soon

any second now


Sheople gotta eat and then regurgibleat in the circle they travel in, exactly what they were fed. This thread is the perfect example of what I’ve been saying for a long time now.

That said, I’ve never been impressed with Jr.


you know, the term “fake news” gets thrown around a lot these days…


bless their hearts

what an age

Goes back to the famous Reagan quote “The problem with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant but that they know so much that isn’t so”.

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Two words that should never be used in the same sentence.


was rove indicted again?

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haha boy thats an oldie