The Arizona Coyotes Are Heading to Salt Lake City

The NHL Board of Governors had agreed to relocate the Arizona Coyotes to Salt Lake City after selling the team to Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith.

The team will be rebranded while the former owner of the Coyotes will keep the name and intellectual properties in the hopes to “restart” the team if a new arena is built within 5 years.

I felt bad for the Coyotes fans and hope there will be a new team. But, they had a chance to prevent the team from moving had they voted for funding the new arena.

Everything we know about the Arizona Coyotes moving to Utah - ESPN

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Glad they voted it down.

As I said in another thread, a vast majority of economists agree that stadium funding deals produce little of value to the general public who are forced to pay for them.

People EVERYWHERE need to consistently vote NO on stadium taxes until these well heeled owners get the message that they are going to have to pay for fancy stadiums out of team revenues.


Not surprised; where they are housed right now is completely ridiculous. I happened to be in Tempe attending a local football high school game at the ASU stadium December of 2022 and it just so happened that a Coyote game was happening the same night at the facility right next door - I could not believe that whatever that rinky-dink place was was housing an NHL franchise. Barely big enough to house a TGIF Friday’s :rofl:


And, as I said in another thread, I rather pay a small tax increase to help find a new arena than lose my team.

I just want teams to stay in their respective cities. Is that wrong?!?!

As for the Coyotes, I feel sorry for the young kids who root for the team.

That is a disgrace.

Same with where the A’s will be playing in the next few seasons. :roll_eyes:

Oh right, Sacramento. Weird.

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do the Coyotes ever play the Road Runners?

I concur.

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