The 2020 NFL Schedule

Thoughts on your team’s NFL schedule?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have 5 primetime games. What a shock! Not bad for a team that will go 6 - 10 this season.

Meanwhile, my Jets have a tough schedule. DAMN!

Just waiting to see what Joe Burrow can do. If all he manages to do is to win a game against the Steelahs, I’ll be happy.

The Cincinnati Bengals are scheduled to start the season hosting the Chargers. The Arizona Cardinals are scheduled to start their season playing against the 49ers in California. Hopefully, the NFL games this fall will go on as scheduled.

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I see Dallas plays the Steelers, Browns, Ravens and Bungles this year. Should be interesting.

Yep. I wonder of Ben will be back? HOF Q.B with a couple of superbowl rings, two arm injuries and a few concussions. Why bother?

To me a sucessful season for the Bungles is not losing both games to the Steelahs…Again. :triumph:

Kind of like the last couple of seasons of Tony Romo for Dallas.