The 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

The nominees for the 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame had been announced. Stevie Nicks and Def Leppard were some of the first time nominees. Too bad Depeche Mode wasn’t nominated.

I hope Janet Jackson, Kraftwerk, and L.L. Cool J would get in.

Def Leppard - main hair metal band of the 80’s. Regardless of what you think of the genre it was huge for its time. But the Hall seems to hate hair metal so they probably won’t.

Radiohead - frankly shocked they didn’t get in their 1st try.

The Cure - one of the biggest new wave bands of all time. However the hall apparently hates what they refer to as “lipstick” bands so they won’t get in.

The rest are either not rock music or aren’t big enough on their own merits to warrant entry (Stevie Nicks as a part of Fleetwood Mac absolutely deserves to get in but as a solo artist she does not).

Roxy Music should definitely be included.



Are we not men?


No love for Devo or Kraftwerk?

No love for Janet?

Devo is a one hit wonder. Seriously, can anyone except die hard fans of the group name a single song beyond Whip It?

I don’t consider Janet Jackson rock. She belongs in the pop music hall of fame. That said, the Hall doesn’t really seem to care anymore about what is rock and what isn’t, thus the influx of rap lately. So I’m actually surprised she hasn’t gotten in.

Kraftwerk is obviously influential some extent in electronic music but they were very under the radar to the general public.

The biggest snub though to me is Joy Division / New Order who aren’t even nominated. I’d argue that they are possibly the most important group to come out of the 80’s as they are the group that brought electronic music to the masses which in turn influenced countless groups even to today.

The hall of fame isn’t about “hits”. If it were then why are the Ramones in there?

Highly influential punk band.

What did Devo influence? They are a run of the mill New Wave band with one big hit. They are far less deserving than other new wave bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, New Order / Joy Division, etc. If you could make the argument that they brought about New Wave then you would have an argument for their inclusion but they aren’t that important to the New Wave movement. If not for their one hit they’d be about as memorable as New Wave bands like Fiction Factory, The The, Talk Talk, and Flock of Seagulls.

The Zombies should be voted in. They were/are not one hit wonders and were quite influential back in the day.

You have no idea what you speak of with DEVO. None

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Devo influenced… Mick Jagger, Thin Lizzy, Neal Young etc etc and still to this day get props for their contributions from so many worthy artists. They also nailed what our world has become .

I strongly disagree. Devo is a HUGELY influential band, both musically and in their meta-juxstaposition of commerce vs art. Not to mention Mothersbaugh’s scoring of so much popular culture.

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Kent State!

The fact it took until 2016 for Deep Purple to get in tells me what a joke the Hall of Fame is.

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And the Sex Pistols.

The Monkees should be nominated. But they never will be for the Jann Wenner Country Club.

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What have they done for rock and roll and why should they get in before say, Johnny Winter? I have lost a lot of respect for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in recent years. Maybe al of it. I’ve been there a few times and it’s a really cool place to visit, but I can’t even post what I really think of the organization itself.

Joe Walsh of the Eagles slammed the Hall of Fame for being all politics and not recognizing many worthy candidates. Also some comments from Joe Elliot, lead singer of Def Leppard, about his bands chances and how he doesn’t care.

It’s a country club and not any real salute to rock ‘n’ roll pioneers. Sure the people you’d expect are in it – The Beatles, the Stones, the Who – but many are not and because the board won’t vote them in. The Monkees are a great example.

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I’ve got mixed feelings about the Monkees.

Their music was mostly drivel though a few songs were catchy.

On the other hand they were one of the first manufactured pop bands and were semi reality TV way before that became a thing. So in those aspects they were wildly influential and important. On this aspect I’d probably give them a nod but if your just basing it on the music they aren’t much more than Matchbox 20, a modern band whose music you’ll recognize and might kind of enjoy but you’ll never think of as your favorite.