The 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees

The newest inductees for the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown are Mariano Rivera, Edgar Martinez, Roy Halladay, and Mike Mussina.

Mariano Rivera is the first player to be inducted unanimously. WELL-DESERVED!

I lived in Cooperstown for 7 years. Always made it a point to leave on Induction Weekend. But this year I’m sad I’m not there. I’d love to see Mariano get in. I felt the same when Jeter got in.

I hated to see Mussina go to the yankees, and I didn’t want to see him succeed at all. There was a time when I was glad he wasn’t making it into the hall, but I’ve mellowed a little.

The dude was a beast. If he hadn’t pitched at Camden for so many years he probably would have made it to 300 wins easy. Very deserving, and a nice guy.

Still hate seeing him in pinstripes.

Mariano is absolutely a 1st ballot hall of famer but its a complete joke that he was the first to be unanimous as there have been many others in history equally or more deserving of unanimous vote.

The whole baseball HoF though is a joke. Acting like they suddenly care about steroids when players have been cheating and using performance enhancers since the beginning of the baseball era but now suddenly its bad? All three should have been 1st ballot Hall of Famers and Bonds should have been a unanimous choice.

What really cracks me up is Al Kaline complaining about steroids getting into the hall.

This is a man who admitted in a Sports Illustrated article to using a doctored bat his whole career. Who is he kidding?

If we are going to keep out the steroid cheats, why not clean house and get rid of all the cheaters in there? Let’s get rid of all the doctored ball pitchers, all of the players who used doctored bats, and all the people who stole signs and anything else I missed and let’s see who is left. Would Casey Stengel still even be in there?