The 2018 NFL Season Thread


So now the NFL fines the Rams for the helmet-to-helmet hit. Doesn’t that mean it was a bad call that influenced the outcome of the game. And therefore shouldn’t Goodell invoke the rule to replay the game from the point of the infraction?


I really do hope that the LA Rams wins this Super Bowl.


I wish I could give you a thousand likes.


So whats everyones pick for the game?

I think the Patriots will win though I hope I’m wrong.

I picked the Rams preseason to win the Superbowl but the Patriots are playing with a chip on their shoulder while even the Rams know they don’t deserve to actually be in this game given the ref blunder.

While I don’t expect a complete blowout a score of something like 38-21 wouldn’t surprise me.


Rams win 31-20


Then it’s good that the Ram’s MVP in their game with the Saints was the ref. :wink:

I don’t care who wins (Seahawks lost,) but I would really have liked to see the two oldest and two best quarterbacks in the league go head to head. They, particularly Brees, deserved that, and so did football fans regardless of what team they support.


I pick the Pats, but I won’t be stunned if the Rams pulled an upset.

The Pats offensive line must contain Donald.


Let’s go Rams. Nobody wants the Cheatriots to win.


Congrats to the eight new inductees in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, especially Kevin Mawae of the my beloved Jets!


If Tom Brady falls to 5 - 4 in Super Bowls, would that tarnish his legacy?


Tough guy Trump said that he wouldn’t steer his son Baron to play football.

Loving father? Yes. But, like Obama, sounds too much like a wimp.


My only contribution to this thread will be:

■■■■ the Patriots.

A Bills Fan


Just not feeling it this year. Go Rams I guess, because the Patriots have won enough rings. But I’m still pouting over not getting a Saints/Chiefs SB.


no, brady and belichek will go down as the best quarterback and coach in the history of the game so far…

being from wisconsin and living in massachusetts, i respect the team, but the fans are incredibly annoying…


Yeah, besides, the Rams have the advantage of the 12th man … the guy in the zebra shirt. :wink:


LOL. You’ve saying things like this all season. You proclaimed the Patriots done when the Dolphins started 3-0 and were in 1st place in the AFC East. You did it several times during the season. You did it when you declared the Patriots were in danger of missing the playoffs.

No matter what happens today, I think the Patriots will win by the way, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are both the G.O.A.T.'s at their respective position and its practically undebatable at this point.



The Rams need to get their offense going.


I heard the Saints were up at halftime.


Don’t think my score prediction is going to work out but so far the Pats winning looks likely as the Rams offense has done nothing while the Pats have moved the ball but floundered when in scoring range.